Crank Up Your Customer Service with Our New iPhone App for Aloha Point of Sale Software

Jan 05, 2011 | By NFS | 0 Comment

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional handheld terminal?

NFS recently launched a unique, mobile app for Aloha POS which works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Time is Money (TIM) lets you do everything the Aloha point of sale software can do – and much more – saving your servers time and optimising your customer service.

Our revolutionary new offering has many unique features, all designed to help a hospitality operation give the best customer service they can, at minimal cost, and in the least time.

The new TIM app offers restaurants quite a few benefits, such as:

Generate more revenue – with the innovative order-taking features exclusive to TIM, your servers can easily cross-sell and up-sell items using the pop-up screens built into the system.

Turn tables faster – as servers can effortlessly transfer tables and are able to merge bills, tables and tabs in seconds. In addition, table status can be communicated through the standard interface.

Streamline your ordering process – with wireless connectivity that sends orders directly from the table to the kitchen.

See more menu items at a glance – by capitalising on the iPad’s larger screen.

Have a greener restaurant – as there is no need to print a bill if the customer does not require one; alternatively, bills can be emailed to the guest direct from the device.

For more details about the new Time is Money app, please click here.

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