Menus go mobile as restaurants join the e-revolution

Apr 18, 2012 | By NFS | 0 Comment

If you’ve been in a restaurant recently, don’t get the wrong idea if you saw waiters with iPods, iPads or iPhones. They weren’t listening to their iTunes library, surfing the net or making phone calls, they were taking orders at tables and delivering them wirelessly to the kitchen.

There has, of late, been an e-revolution in the restaurant world. The notepad and pen are dead. Today’s generation of waiters are equipped with mobile technology that enables them to spend an entire shift without once visiting the kitchen or a point of sale terminal.

Just as with so much else these days, it all comes courtesy of an app, most often used with an iPod Touch, but equally at home on an iPad or even an iPhone.

Using it, waiters can not only take orders, relay them to the kitchen and total up the bill, they can also call up recipes and ingredients for inquisitive diners, use it to recommend the right wine with the chosen food… and much more besides.

How it all happens, how restaurants are taking advantage of the latest mobile technology and how it can generate revenue for your restaurant is all on offer in Aloha Update, the latest newsletter from NFS Technology for restaurant and bar owners.

If your waiters still have notepads in their pockets and pens tucked behind their ears, isn’t it time you joined the restaurant e-revolution?

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