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Rendezvous Scheduling Software Delivering Seamless Meetings Across Borders

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Telepresence Global and multi-location organisations have traditionally had to fly their senior staff around the world simply to attend a meeting. However this practice is becoming increasingly outmoded, not to mention unreliable and costly if we consider, for example, the ongoing ash cloud saga.

Companies are seeing the benefits of investing in video conference and telepresence technology as a response to external factors such as climate change and the economic downturn. By enabling video conference meetings businesses can not only offset their carbon emissions, they can also save tremendously on the travel, accommodation and expenses costs that their senior executives incur whilst on the road.

Despite its relative infancy, video conferencing is already being taken up with gusto and companies such as Polycom report that over 90% of attendees are satisfied with meetings conducted in this manner.

Whilst video conferencing and telepresence providers offer all the tools required for the actual meeting, it is still necessary for companies to have a robust scheduling software package able to handle multiple time zones, multiple rooms and resources and the scheduling of the video conference equipment.

Rendezvous Workspace has been designed expressly for this type of scenario and offers unique functionality such as agenda management, meaning that whether attendees are in New York, Washington, Beijing or London, they are able to keep abreast of all aspects of the meeting due to the solution’s seamless integration with MS Outlook.

Given recent developments such as the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, it is becoming apparent that video conferencing is set to grow even more in the near future. NFS are already at the forefront of this trend with clients ranging from Legal and Financial to Advertising and Entertainment.

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