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Introducing Scheduling Technology The Benefits: the new NFS eBook

With our new, six-part eBook, Scheduling Technology – The Benefits, we hope to offer a comprehensive look at why organisations should consider implementation of an integrated software solution for room and resource booking, and the many business advantages they stand to gain through use of this technology. We also offer a checklist of features to […]


Telecommuting is here. Are you on board?

Teleworking is a trend that was first mooted as long ago as the late Seventies. With the advent of mobile technology, broadband and cloud computing it has become more and more prevalent for today’s workforce. TechCast, a virtual think tank based at George Washington University, forecasts that 30% of employees in industrialist nations will telework […]


Improve Room Booking Efficiency with Outlook-based Scheduling Software

Our research has found that a number of companies have adapted Outlook beyond its standard email, calendar and task management functionality to encompass room and resource bookings. Whilst Outlook is a great solution as a personal productivity tool it doesn’t offer all the benefits, such as reporting and catering management, that a specific room booking […]