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Rendezvous Event Management Solutions

Rendezvous Events is a browser-based conference and event management software that’s easy to use, affordable and reliable. It drives revenue, handles financials, streamlines your operation and frees up more time for you to spend on customer service. It is a key service making a big impact in the world of event management systems.

Conferencing Software

Rendezvous Events is a conferencing software which makes browser based meeting room scheduling so much easier. It’s user friendly, meaning anyone can get to grips with the software, and reliable, so it will support you when you need it most.
Rendezvous Events is a powerful sales tool, and helps create more revenue, more speed, and more accuracy when it comes to management, and your business will quickly benefit from excellent results! The software for event management provided means that you can ensure that every occasion can run as smoothly as possible.

Rendezvous Events will deliver:

More revenue from existing and new clients, using built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.
A streamlined events operation to save time.
Accurate management information to support better decisions.
Fast and accurate event billing.
Important tools to manage layout and on-line bookings effectively.
Integration with your Microsoft desktop.

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<h2>Powerful Sales Tool</h2>

Powerful Sales Tool

Rendezvous includes powerful tools to help you build new business, whilst generating customer retention campaigns aimed at existing clients.

The conference and banqueting software handles everything from initial enquiry to final contract, all at the touch of a button.

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<h2>Graphical Diary</h2>

Graphical Diary

The diary module within Rendezvous conference and banqueting software enables you to view room availability, whilst maximising both space utilisation and revenue opportunities.

The diary offers full access to all meeting and event bookings and the flexibility to add additional rooms, AV or catering as well as notes, and then complete bookings direct from the diary screen.

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<h2>Streamline Event Bookings</h2>

Streamline Event Bookings

Rendezvous event management software handles every aspect of event booking, whatever the size of your conference centre, meeting venue or stadium.

It is with you every step of the way from initial contact, to planning, event operations and billing.

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<h2>Managing Restaurants and Bedrooms</h2>

Managing Restaurants and Bedrooms

Rendezvous can be set up to handle multiple events when function rooms need to be doubled up as dining space.

Rendezvous manages table allocation, menus, beverage requirements, last-minute changes in numbers, deposit handling and billing.

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<h2>Billing and Financials</h2>

Billing and Financials

Deposit, invoice and credit note – the three prime functions of event billing – are easily handled by Rendezvous. Integrated with your accounting system, the venue booking software also manages contracts, function sheets, deposit requests, invoicing and payments.

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<h2>Rendezvous SaaS - No Upfront Costs </h2>

Rendezvous SaaS - No Upfront Costs

Because Rendezvous Software as a Service (SaaS) is supplied as a “cloud” computing solution, you get functionality without installation worries.

The scheduling software works on mobile devices such as laptops and Windows the move.

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<h2>Accurate Reporting</h2>

Accurate Reporting

With more than 200 sales, operations and financial reports, Rendezvous provides management information, in real time, whenever you need it.

The venue management software also provides a dashboard to view all areas of venue operations, including many critical information categories.

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<h2>Room Layout and Event Planning</h2>

Room Layout and Event Planning

With access to market-leading meeting room layout software, SocialTables, Rendezvous makes designing a floor plan easy, streamlining the seating process, saving time and making event planning trouble-free.

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<h2>Room Panels and Digital Signage</h2>

Room Panels and Digital Signage

Rendezvous conference room management software integrates with a range of room panels and digital signage solutions, updated in real time to keep meeting attendees informed.

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<h2>Book from Your Website</h2>

Book from Your Website

Rendezvous On-line offers a cost effective enquiry and booking facility to book meetings directly from your venue’s website, making it simple for clients to interact with your meeting venue on a 24/7 basis.

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Kiffey Dalvi, Senior Project Manager, Centrica

“We are delighted to be working with NFS to roll out their Rendezvous solution for meeting room and space management. We have worked closely with NFS to tailor the Rendezvous solution to the needs of Centrica and have been delighted with the flexibility and responsiveness of NFS. We are looking to realise the benefits of integration between Rendezvous and our Cisco based VC system to drive both cost savings and improved collaboration for our staff.”

Caroline Kennedy, Reception Manager, Wragge Lawrence Graham

“Once Rendezvous was installed, it was surprisingly easy to use – especially for a mature non-techie like me. We’ve cut phone calls by a third, which means much more time for quality service for staff and visiting clients.”

Motaz Hassan, Applications Support Specialist, Hafez Avocats

“By having the software deployed on iPads, we could quickly move to a room-based booking module. Staff can book and check for rooms available now and in the future without having to go back and forth. Everything is accessible on the iPad, with a very simple user interface.”

Jill Thompson, Facilities Manager, BIG Lottery Fund

“This is a very user-friendly solution which saves our admin teams many hours a day. This because it is able to efficiently manage bookings as well as all the confirmations and notifications needed to ensure meeting hosts and service providers are kept fully engaged in the process.”

Josh Palmer, Operations Manager, The Crystal

“We chose Rendezvous SaaS because of its flexibility, simplicity and its friendly interface. The solution provides a transparent diary system so all users have access to the latest availability. The Events Team at The Siemens Crystal now have more time to focus on customer service as some of the internal users can book their own meetings and equipment.”

Alexandra McIlquham-Jones, Conference and Events Manager, Cardiff City Hall

“Everything we need is stored in the Rendezvous database. This is a business in which it pays to be proactive, and with Rendezvous behind us, our staff are freed up to spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients.”

Liljana Howe, Business Analyst, Water Babies

“The ease of use, audit trail facility, avoidance of repetitive communications and automated emails are going to save us between one and two day’s work a week. This is a cost saving of up to £15,000 per year, so payback is fast!”