What is Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking software?

Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking software is browser-based room and resource scheduling solution designed to help organisations with the efficient management of meeting rooms, desks, car parking and vended services such as catering, AV, IT and video conferencing. As a space management system built on the very latest Microsoft.NET Framework, Rendezvous Workspace delivers a feature-rich and simple-to-use experience, providing the reliability that organisations expect.

With Rendezvous meeting room booking software, clients can integrate with leading room panel and signage solutions such as AMX and Crestron as well systems that manage security, financials and video conferencing.

Rendezvous meeting room booking software will deliver:

  • Better room and desk utilisation
  • Seamless integration with Outlook and Exchange
  • Streamlined and efficient booking of rooms, desks and other spaces
  • Integrated meeting room and VC scheduling
  • A great visitor experience
  • Comprehensive reporting to support better decisions.

Meeting Room Booking System

Rendezvous meeting room booking system software simplifies the process of searching, selecting and securing resources such as meeting spaces and desks.

Searches can be by room type, capacity and layout and since results show live availability only, double bookings are eliminated.

Scheduling Using Outlook

Rendezvous Workspace integrates seamlessly with Outlook to deliver a simple booking experience in a familiar environment. This greatly extends Outlook’s capabilities, allowing for effective outlook resource scheduling.

The Outlook Add-in is easy to deploy and requires no training to use.

Catering & AV Services

Rendezvous Workspace allows the scheduling of vended services including catering, AV. IT and video conferencing as part of the meeting room booking process.

All resources can be property specific and inventory of limited items managed. Additional information such as notes and costs can be captured for each booking.

Video Conferencing

Scheduling video conference meetings across multiple locations, offices and time zones is easy with Rendezvous Workspace.

With Rendezvous Workspace a video conference meeting can be arranged efficiently and all resources such as catering, AV, meeting attendees and agendas managed seamlessly.

Visitor Management

The Rendezvous Visitor Management Module provides security and reception staff with visibility of all visitors and meeting attendees before they arrive at reception for improved security and visitor experience.

The resource booking system information can be accessed only by authorised users, with all visitors categorised as internal, external or suppliers.

Meeting Room Screens & Digital Signage

With Rendezvous Workspace you have a choice of meeting room screens and digital signage solutions from industry leading solutions like AMX to cost effect offerings such as the iPad, Windows or Android tablets.

This choice provides the greatest flexibility for clients to select a solution which meets all of their design, functionality and budgetary requirements.

Rendezvous Freespace

Freespace’s sensitive sensor technology works seamlessly with Rendezvous to give you a clear view of how your office space is being used – at all times.

Managing flexible space requires a new approach to room and desk availability information, for staff to easily find the right space.

Rendezvous Mobile

Workforce mobility is a feature of business life today. The Rendezvous Mobile platform, built using the latest HTML5 technology, is designed to deliver on the resource booking requirements of staff on the move.

The ability to find and book space from any mobile device, provides outstanding flexibility for the business user.

Management Reporting

The need to understand how workspace is used and where greater efficiency can be realised has never been greater.

Rendezvous Workspace incorporates Microsoft Reporting Services and as such delivers the most comprehensive set of reports available. Since the reports are as powerful as they are easy to generate, the task of analysing meeting room utilisation, resource usage and other key metrics is made simple.