Golf Club Management Software

What is IBS Golf Club Management Software?

IBS is one of the leading club management software solutions in the world used by many leading golf courses (including several PGA courses). The solution encompasses all aspects of golf club management from club membership management, CRM, loyalty, retail point of sale to spa management.
In addition to offering the capability to fully manage your day to day operations, IBS has powerful marketing and business intelligence functionality which enables you to drive customer acquisition and make informed business decisions using live data.

IBS golf club management software delivers:

  • A tailor made and personalised service for your members
  • Increased revenue through your retail shop and spa operations
  • An enhanced food and beverage offering for your bars and restaurants
  • Online tee-time bookings enabling you to generate bookings 24/7
  • Targeted customer acquisition and retention campaigns to increase the lifetime value of your clients
  • Instant online business intelligence giving you the tools to make decisions anytime and anywhere.

All in one fully integrated golf club management software package. With its centralised database it is easy to provide personalised service and have all the information you need to produce effective loyalty programmes. Two versions of the software are available – one for golf clubs and one for private member clubs.

Personalised Service for Your Members

Client retention is one of the key determinants in the success of any business particularly one which relies on membership fees for its revenue.

With IBS you can truly build relationships with your clients and offer the best possible service with our client profiling capability offering you an excellent basis for loyalty programmes to increase the lifetime value of your members.

Increase Your Revenue With Our CRM Solutions

With our dedicated client relationship management (CRM) you have all the tools you need to generate incremental revenue from your existing client base, increase client retention and generate a larger lifetime value.

Its advanced sales and prospecting functionality empowers you to create effective client acquisition campaigns which can be integrated with leading email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp.

Drive Food and Beverage Sales

Your food and beverage operation represents a great opportunity to create additional revenue from your members. With our food and beverage solution you can streamline your bar and restaurant to deliver outstanding service and keep tabs on your stock.

Our intuitive EPOS enables your staff to access member profiles for the ultimate in personal attention.

Increase Your Club Shop Revenue

Another important revenue generator for many golf clubs is their retail operation. With IBS you have this covered as we can provide an EPOS solution specially designed for the retail environment.

The solution offers your members multiple payment options, you get full inventory control and automated purchase orders.

Run Your Spa Effortlessly

With our spa management module you will be able ensure that all your bookings are managed, and confirmed, at the touch of a button. In addition, it will manage your inventory including price, margin and sales management.

It also gives you detailed insight into your clients – great for upselling spa packages.

Increase Your Tee Time Revenue

Increase sales with our Tee Time booking solution which is available online 24/7 both to members and visitors. The solution includes automatic yield management so you always receive the maximum revenue.

With its intuitive user interface it is easy to drag and drop bookings or to create block bookings.

Close More Event Sales

Events are often a significant additional revenue stream for clubs. With IBS you can fully manage all the aspects of your events right from the initial enquiry through to the final bill.

Our events management solution will improve the efficiency of your events team and enable you to close more sales.

Automated Business Intelligence

Whilst it is great to have all the tools to manage your business it is imperative to also have the tools to understand your business. With our business intelligence you have a real time view of your whole operation so you can pinpoint areas of concern immediately.

The solution offers hundreds of reports and a custom reporting function. Reports can even be automatically emailed to your team – a great time saver.