Private Club Membership Software

What is IBS Private Club Membership Software?

IBS Private Club Membership Software is one of the leading club management software solutions in the world used by many prestigious private members clubs to enhance their service and drive member revenue. The solution helps clubs by providing the tools they require to manage club membership, client retention/acquisition, food and beverage, spa bookings and events management.

As well as giving club managers the tools they need to run their day to day operations it is underpinned with comprehensive reporting functionality enabling them to make informed business decisions. With powerful customer relationship management features it is possible to create targeted customer acquisition/retention campaigns.

IBS private club membership system delivers:

  • A personalised and discreet service to your members with full revenue capture to their account
  • The capability to increase your food and beverage revenue streams
  • The opportunity to up sell and cross sell your spa services using the IBS CRM solutuion
  • Significant improvements in client retention and acquisition rates leading to improved lifetime value of members
  • Online business intelligence giving managers the opportunity to take proactive decisions with live data.

All in one self-contained club membership software package. Your service offering and loyalty programmes will be greatly enhanced as the highly sophisticated database gives you all the specific information you require.

Tailor Made Service for Your Members

Any club which relies on membership fees needs to ensure that they have a good client retention strategy in place in order to maintain their revenue. A key differentiator if the level of service they offer their members. With IBS you have all the personal information you need to offer a truly bespoke service to your members and to drive marketing campaigns to increase their lifetime value to you.

Drive Your Revenue With Our CRM Solutions

IBS will enable you to also develop new client acquisition campaigns to generate incremental revenue with its powerful CRM solution. Using this solution you can also upsell and cross sell to your existing clients. With its seamless integration with leading email solutions – such as Mailchimp – it is possible to create compelling and attractive campaigns at the touch of a button.

Significantly Increase Food and Beverage Sales

Your food and beverage offering is often a significant revenue generator for your club both from your existing members and their guests. IBS gives you all the tools you need to deliver outstanding service in your bar and restaurant. The solution also includes a fully featured stock control package. Our easy to use EPOS enables your staff to access member profiles for the utmost in dedicated attention.

Manage Your Spa Effortlessly

With the spa management solution you will be able to guarantee that all your bookings are managed, and confirmed, at the touch of a button. It will also manage your inventory including price, margin and sales management. The solution enable s you to interrogate your client database – offering you a great opportunity for upselling spa packages.

Make More Event Sales

Events offer another additional revenue stream for clubs. IBS manages all the activities related to your events right from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice. The events management solution will enhance the efficiency of your events team and increase your events sales.

Dynamic Business Intelligence

Having a great set of operational tools is only half the story. IBS offers you all the reporting tools you could need – in real time – in order to proactively improve your business. As well as several hundred free reports you can also quickly create reports on the fly.

Given its dynamic nature you can view reports in a graphical dashboard and/or quickly email them to your team – a fantastic time saver.