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Meeting Room Scheduling Software Using Outlook

Meeting Room Scheduling Software using Outlook offers seamless integration with the Microsoft desktop and is one of the core areas of functionality of the Workspace platform. The MS Outlook functionality (2007, 2010 and 2013) provides multi-resource, multi-location and multi- time zone scheduling capability from within the MS Outlook Appointment form.

Key elements of functionality include:

  • Full integration with MS Outlook – No need to disrupt your email session or open multiple applications; simply launch Rendezvous Workspace directly from MS Outlook.
  • Ease of Use – The user interface is uncluttered, user friendly and efficient.
  • Highly Configurable – Rendezvous Workspace is customised to your exact needs and business processes.
  • Portability – Simply use your laptop, smartphone, Blackberry or iPhone to do everything you can do in the office- book meeting rooms, hot desks, catering and resources.
  • Seamless Automation – Save time by automating meeting reminders, change notifications, cancellation alerts and service alerts.
  • Video Conferencing Scheduling – Schedule multi-timezone and multi-location video conferences, and notifications will be sent automatically.
  • Smooth Integration – Rendezvous Workspace is flexible; whatever your choice of email platform, it delivers. It integrates seamlessly and has the capability to integrate with other platforms using a Web Services/API with Exchange server.
  • Multi Browser Support – With Rendezvous Workspace you are not tied to one browser and supports; Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Book Multiple Resources – Book rooms, desks, car parking and any other resource in one form, through one Add-in.
  • Drag and drop functionality – Change the meeting date and time easily through drag and drop functionality.