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Meeting Room Video Conferencing Software

Businesses have long appreciated the benefits that can be realised through the use of video conference meetings. The opportunity to bring together people from multiple locations and countries without incurring travel costs or enlarging the carbon footprint, has resulted in significant investment in technology such as Cisco TelePresence. However, the complexity of booking multiple rooms, multiple end points, managing attendees as well as different time zones can have a significant impact on adoption rates.

This means businesses fail to achieve the desired return on this investment – but with Rendezvous removed barriers to adoption. Rendezvous Workspace Meeting Room Video Conferencing Software provides a technology platform that seamlessly integrates with standard video conference and telepresence management modules. Where booking multiple rooms and VC end points across multiple locations and time zones was once a lengthy and complex task, Workspace reduces it to a few clicks.

Benefits of Rendezvous Workspace Meeting Room Video Conferencing Software for VC Meetings

Seamless integration between room scheduling and the VC platform, saving time and delivering a great meeting experience.
Time-zone aware, handling time zone management, working hour restrictions and notifications.
Visitor registration handling across different regions and time-zones.
Schedule rooms and other resources including catering, while respecting local business rules on services.
Capture costs associated with multi-location meetings and events, including charge back.

Multi Location
Multi Location

Multi Time Zone
Multi Time Zone

Four Key Components

  • The Desktop: We have the tools for true multi–location video conference scheduling, based on Microsoft Outlook and Notes. We have also created Outlook Wizards to guide you through a simple booking experience, while taking care of all the complexities using a powerful workflow engine.
  • Room and Resource Management: We bring together all elements of the scheduling process for a remote meeting into a single event, eliminating all the common points of failure, such as dynamic alerts for technical support staff.
  • Agenda Management: To keep a video conference as near as possible to a normal face-to-face meeting, Rendezvous Workspace incorporates critical components like Agenda Management to provide a unique combination of efficient scheduling and live meetings interchange.
  • Telepresence Ready: With Rendezvous Workspace designed for telepresence scheduling, you get full integration with the leading Tandberg T3 telepresence and other leading solutions.Bring together different meeting participants with different roles, check the agenda and speaker availability and update all calendars ensuring simple and efficient distribution of meeting information.