The New Generation of Video Conferencing

May 14, 2012 | By NFS | 0 Comment

Video conferencing is now more affordable, more mobile and easier to use.

It’s true that top-notch video conferences are still held in boardrooms with giant screens to show attendees from around the world. But today it’s equally possible to conduct a conference sitting at your desk, using your own PC – or anywhere, using an iPad.

If you thought you needed a team of technicians to make it all happen, think again. More and more businesses are outsourcing their video conferencing needs to experts who install, service and operate the equipment on your behalf.

And, with the latest scheduling technology deployed in single sites or spanning multiple locations and time zones, calendars can be automatically checked to put the right people together at the right time.

All this and more is explained in detail in the latest eBook from NFS Hospitality, The New Generation of Video Conferencing. Download it here.

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