What do visitors think when they arrive at your organisation?

We hope it doesn’t go like this: arriving at reception, your visitor stands around for a while before anyone turns up to greet them.

The receptionist has to rifle through several visitor books to find out where the meeting is being held, and asks the visitor to sign in using a tatty sheet. Then your guest is left to wander the building with little clue where to find their important meeting.

It’s not a great guest experience – and it doesn’t do your reputation as an organisation much good, either.

Rendezvous will give your visitors the experience your organisation deserves.

Imagine that visit with the smart support of Rendezvous:

Your guest arrives to be greeted personally by your receptionist, thanks to the data captured by Rendezvous when the booking was made.

The receptionist knows exactly who your visitor is meeting, and where the meeting is being held. The visitor is signed in on a system that already knows their details, and marks their arrival, location and departure so security is assured.

Your visitor – impressed by the professional nature of the welcome – is ushered to the right meeting room with the help of digital signage; Rendezvous integrates with the industry-leading providers.

It’s a great visitor experience, whether your visitor is external or internal, and a superbly professional introduction to your organisation.

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