Streamlined operations

Does your restaurant operation run like clockwork? Or is it more like this: You’re having a busy night, but someone’s made a mistake with the rota and there aren’t enough staff in. A party of guests leaves because they haven’t been seated as quickly as they needed – and another party refuses to pay because

Effective loyalty programmes

How well do you really know those guests? Maybe not at all. When taking their reservation, no-one has captured any contact details – and you’ve no idea one of the party is vegetarian. After their meal, you have no way to encourage them to come back again. Aloha restaurant management software provides a personalised service

Better business intelligence

It’s so hard to get a clear view of what’s happening across your business Isn’t it? Particularly if you’re in multi-locations. Maybe this sounds familiar – you want to keep tight control on prices, data and other issues right across your group, but it’s proving difficult, and you’re sure it’s hitting your profits. Restaurant A

Reduced Fraud

Got that nasty feeling that you’re being ripped off? Restaurants nationally lose 3% to fraud every year: you know that something’s not right, and feel worried that a member of staff is carrying out some kind of fraud or theft. It’s hard to investigate, and can cause huge ill-feeling among your staff if poorly handled. But

100% failsafe technology

What happens now when your IT network goes down? Nothing good, we’re sure: it’s the operational nightmare every restaurant faces. Your IT network goes down, and you have a host of hungry and impatient guests waiting to be fed…but your staff can’t take their orders properly or process their bill payments. Your revenue suffers a significant

Faster table turns

Can handheld technology really revolutionise your restaurant? Maybe this situation sounds familiar: Your serving staff spend hours every day trekking back and forth to the kitchen with orders written on pads. Sometimes those bits of paper all go astray, so the guests don’t get what they’ve ordered – and even when they do, service has

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