Is this your workspace management headache?

Every square foot of your workspace is costing a fortune, every day – and you know that sometimes desks are standing empty.

Even worse, you’ve got a boardroom that only gets used once a month, and staff tell you that organising a suitable meeting room is so complicated that they sometimes just book an outside space instead.

You’d like your staff to save costs and time by using video conferencing and AV, but that’s a nightmare to organise too…

Rendezvous can make great workplace room and desk utilisation so much easier – for everyone.

See how Rendezvous makes that management headache go away:

Thanks to Rendezvous and its advanced sensor technology, you and your staff can see in real-time on a graphic display which workspace is available – and they can book it via their mobile device along with all the facilities they need such as VC, AV and even catering.

Rendezvous co-ordinates their meetings automatically across multiple locations and even time zones – and if there are any changes, it notifies everyone automatically.

In addition, if no-one shows for a meeting, Rendezvous automatically makes it available for booking.

With meetings easy to organise, outside space bookings fall and staff are kept happy by being given seamless access to the desks and rooms they need to work effectively and collaborate brilliantly.

And as the manager, you get comprehensive reports from Rendezvous giving you a clear view of how your workspace is being used – so going forward, you can make the informed decisions that keep your business ahead of the game.

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