Aloha Point of Sale Software Tips and Tricks: The Buffet Scam

Welcome to the first in our series of monthly Aloha tips and tricks. We will be covering how you can use the advanced functionality of Aloha restaurant EPOS to combat common sources of employee fraud.

The premise of the Buffet Scam is the same bill being used repeatedly throughout the shift on different guests. This scam only works if the customer is paying cash. A very important part of this scam is the ability to reprint guest bills.

We Recommend These Aloha System Processes to Combat This Fraudulent Activity:

    • Limit the server’s ability to reprint guest bills to a pre-defined number. In Aloha TableService, a manager can “View Tables” in the manager functions. This gives the manager the ability to see how long a bill has been opened as well as how many times the bill has been printed.
    • Managers should flag the setting to NOT give the server the ability to transfer bills. With no transferring ability, the tab cannot be transferred to another server or to tables in an empty section.
    • The Aloha system should be set so that table numbers can only be used one at a time. If the server has table 101 open with a tab, they cannot open a second tab with the same table number.
    • Assign table sections for each server. If the server is only responsible for three tables per shift, assign only the ability to access those three tables and no others.
    • Managers should use the floor plan view. With the floor plan view, the manager has the ability to see server table sections with table colour changing triggered by predefined time intervals. Not only does the manager have the ability to see table times, they have visibility of the last time an item was placed on the tab, server ID and how long the tab has been open. With all of the above items in place, the server will not be able to run the scam of using the same tab for multiple guests.

We hope you find this informative. If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss how Aloha can help you prevent scams please contact us on

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: December 2, 2011
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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