When Tweeting is Bad for Business

Social media – it’s everywhere, isn’t it? People tapping away at their smart phones, telling all their followers that they’ve just got out of bed, they’re on the train on the way to work, or having a nice cappuccino and a muffin… who cares?

Obviously Some Do, and After All, What Harm Does It Do?

Well actually, it can do harm. Say one of your social media buddies is sitting in a restaurant and is not particularly keen on the service or the quality of the food. First thing they do is whip out their iPhone, get on to Twitter and starting tweeting. Before you know it, the restaurant has got a bad reputation among maybe hundreds of followers.

What started out as an innocent tweet could lead to loss of business for the restaurant. Maybe they deserve it – but maybe they don’t. Either way, there’s not much the restaurant owner can do about it, is there?

Actually there is, and it’s all down to the wonders of modern technology.

Ever heard of Aloha? Yes, it’s a Hawaiian greeting. But it’s also the name of a clever piece of point of sale software, used by many restaurants.

And now, Aloha has added a social media component which monitors tweets. If anything in a tweet is seen to have a negative impact on a particular client, a timely alert is sent to the relevant staff.

In this way, if a customer has a problem with his or her dining experience and decides to tweet about it, the restauranteur has the chance to learn about the problem and put it right on the spot before any lasting damage might be done.

To learn more about how Aloha point of sale software handles stock control, labour management, loyalty and gift cards, head office management, table reservations… and how it now ties in with social media, click here.

To read the latest Aloha Update newsletter from NFS Technology, click here.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: February 8, 2013
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