Is your business ready to operate in the cloud?

Estimated Growth

Research from Ernst & Young has revealed that £8.5bn could be added to the UK from flexible working, through more productive use of available flexible working hours.

The professional services firm found that two out of three firms say that flexible working helps motivation, commitment and employee relations.

To support flexible working, companies must be able to adapt in work culture and offer the necessary support, especially in terms of integrated technology, or they risk damaging staff morale, and ultimately growth.

Emerging Mobile Platforms

CEO of NFS Technology, Luis De Souza says: “In the last few years cloud-based services have really begun to take off, with the demand for flexible working and increasing use of mobile and tablet technology in the workplace.

“Cloud-based collaboration and integrated communication services such as email and video conferencing, enables workers to perform their job, by simply having an internet connection, from a mobile, tablet or laptop, whilst at home or on the go”.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Friendly, Cloud-based Technology?

1) Flexibility

Companies of every size can quickly meet more businesses demands. People can be instantly and simply added (or removed) to the cloud-based networks. This also means employees can collaborate and work with Internet access, from anywhere in the world.

2) Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based software streamlines otherwise complex recovery plans as the cloud-based system can automatically take care of any issues.

3) Automatic Software Updates

As the supplier updates and maintains all cloud-based services, not the customer, businesses have more time to focus on other tasks and less to worry about.

4) Cost Effective

There is no need for capital upfront as a typical cloud-based service uses a pay-as-you-go model. As a result, companies using cloud applications spend 40% less on personnel than those that use on-premise software. Cloud-based software is also faster to deploy, so businesses can spend less time getting it up and running and more time in their business.

5) Security

Concern over security is one of the biggest fears to implementing cloud-based solutions. However, having all company data hosted and managed by UK data centres professionals can be a far more secure option than managing it internally.

After all, serious privacy threats and costs for a company usually occur from lost laptops or stolen / broken hard drives. If businesses choose to store everything in the cloud, it will always been accessible in a safe and secure way, what ever happens to the physical hardware.

Environmentally Friendly

When using the cloud, only the space that is required on the server is utilised. This means less energy consumption, which equates to a reduction of carbon footprint by an estimated 30% when compared to on-site servers.

Flexibility = Lower Costs

Luis de Souza, concluded: “Increasingly there is recognition by the business community that at many levels, cloud based applications deliver greater flexibility, potentially lower costs and higher security than locally implemented software. We are moving to an environment where the cloud is seen as the logical starting point rather than a fall back option.”

“With this in mind, many business applications including video conferencing are now moving into the cloud as a managed service. This will enable better adoption by small businesses of the latest technology as well as supporting more collaborative working required in today’s changing workplace.

Cloud based solutions, like Rendezvous cloud, the cloud based venue management from NFS, offers a cost effective fully managed solution, which is fast to deploy. For more information, please visit

Nick Day
Nick Day Head of Rendezvous Sales Posted on: February 18, 2016
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