Isn’t it time about time you spring cleaned your hotel business?

It’s been a long hard Winter, chilled by Brexit and its potential impact – but the UK hotel industry has just seen the first hopeful green shoots of Spring. The newly-released European Cities Hotel Forecast says London will see the second-highest occupancy rate in Europe in 2017, thanks to the continuing drop in the value of sterling.

And where the capital leads, everyone follows, at least to some degree. So if we’re about to enjoy a busy year, isn’t it about time to give your hotel business a spring clean? Many hotels and even hotel groups grow organically, and that can mean admin ‘rubbish’ starts to pile up.

All successful hotels keep their rooms clean and tidy, but many forget their operations can get bogged down without the right tools to keep the business under control. As our esteemed customer, the boutique hotel chain The Mercer Collection, told us last year, growing rapidly from one hotel to seven had meant an overworked paper diary system and bulging files.

“It was messy!” says Reservations Manager Ellie Hogston.

The answer? A modern property management system. It not only provides an automatically-updated online booking system but also handles all the hotels’ management from check in and housekeeping to final checkout and billing, backed up by detailed reports.

The Mercer Collection is now saving a huge amount of admin time, and – importantly – giving its guests an experience that’s second to none. It’s an inspiring story.

I know the spring sunshine is starting to beam through your hotel’s windows, and I bet you’ve been making sure they’re nice and clean. So don’t let the operational rubbish let you down by piling up in the corners. It’s time to let technology shine a light in there, too.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: April 19, 2017
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