It’s been a year of international brands, innovations – and a star chef!

What a Year 2016 has been for our hospitality software – we’ve seen demand on the up and up as hotels and restaurants increasingly gear up for the digital world.

This year, a major driver for our customers has been operational efficiency– not surprisingly given the challenging global economic conditions. That’s caused keen interest in NFS software, including our hotel property management system roomMaster and restaurant electronic point of sale (EPoS) software Aloha.

Both solutions help hospitality organisations to streamline their operations, gain detailed data on their business, and create a superb customer experience that increases loyalty. roomMaster also helps hotels take advantage of online booking easily and without manual intervention, saving staff time, driving up occupancy and providing genuine convenience for guests.

A Hugely Successful Year

Not surprisingly, it’s been a huge success in 2016. We respect customer sensitivities, of course, so we have to keep to ourselves the names of some of the companies choosing NFS software and our award-winning 24/7 global helpdesk. But I’m proud to say they include some real movers and shakers in the hospitality industry.

For Roommaster, They Include:

1) A major retreat centre in the Lake District purchased the Enterprise version of the software.

2) A restaurant owned and operated by a star chef of international renown deployed the fully integrated solution of PMS and EPoS.

3) A provider of luxury serviced apartments that is a long-time client of NFS, and said it was a natural choice when they were on the expansion trail and looking for a PMS for a second site.

Aloha also saw significant wins and welcomed new customers including:

1) An award-winning chain of steak restaurants, which will implement the solution in their central London location next year, and which also aims to implement in an internationally-famed venue in 2017.

2) The first of four planned outlets for an international brand that is opening a 900-seater venue open seven days a week.

3) A world-famous nightclub, with the solution encompassing 14 tills, door entry, VIP and the total club.

Thanks to Our Partners

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve had a successful year working with our trusted partners, who include Crestron, AMX, Cisco, Softcat and Siteminder.

During 2016, we also added online payment system Zapper to our family. A customer downloads the Zapper app, searches for restaurants, and finds the establishment. He or she orders a meal; then scans the QR code to securely pay their bill, and receives a payment confirmation. They can leave feedback, and are rewarded with a loyalty stamp based on their spend of number or visits.

A recent survey showed that speed of service may be even more important to dining outlets than the menu, so EPoS and payment options such as Zapper can really help a restaurant or hotel differentiate their F&B offering. We’ve also recently implemented iQ-WebBook, a superbly affordable cloud-based booking engine for hotel websites that can really drive up occupancy figures.

Small Meeting Rooms

Around the world, we’re also seeing hotels taking advantage of our meeting room scheduler and booking software Rendezvous – already a favourite of venues and office-based organisations.

Many hotels want to take more advantage of their small meeting rooms, and Rendezvous helps them offer easy and efficient access to availability and booking. Excitingly, Rendezvous is now available as an online portal offering booking for smaller spaces and late bookings, 24/7, 365 days a year.


What’s Ahead in 2017?

Overall, it’s been a highly successful year for our technology group, and I see plenty of opportunity ahead in 2017. The hospitality marketplace will continue to be extraordinarily competitive, of course – particularly as Brexit and the new President in the US continue to affect world trading conditions.

But without a doubt, hotels and restaurants that use tools to drive up efficiency and create the best guest experience are the ones who will win in the coming year – no matter what the economic conditions.

We’re looking forward to working with our existing customers in 2017, and helping new friends enhance their hospitality businesses. So please make a call to NFS one of your New Year resolutions – it could get your business year off to the flying start you deserve.

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Chris Cartmell
Chris Cartmell Software and Technology Expert Posted on: December 14, 2016
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