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What’s powering the dramatic evolution of the Connected Workplace?

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Workplace, What’s powering the dramatic evolution of the Connected Workplace?, NFS Technology

In our business we talk a lot about the Connected Workplace. It’s a good place where staff can find and book exactly the right space to do their work, and where productivity and wellbeing rise as a result.

And yet, at one time, workplace technology most certainly did not connect. Instead, it existed in silos – one bit doing this, one bit doing that – and while it helped, it definitely did not bring about a workplace revolution.

Now, of course, all that has changed. Flexibility is the name of the game, and it’s crucial that technologies have the ability to talk to each other in order to deliver the complex needs of the modern workplace.

Take our meeting and resource scheduling software, a market leader used by organisations in 25 countries. It started off as a standalone, which was sufficient – but today, it’s evolved into a very different beast.

We now not only have an application that is intuitive, powerful and flexible, but we’ve also built a platform that has the ability to link to other third party applications and technologies.

These days, almost every project we’re involved in demands the integration of new and emerging technologies, all in the drive to have a Connected Workplace experience.

So what does that mean? It means that all these clever bits of technology, instead of working in isolation and giving a quite good experience, start talking to each other and give a fantastic experience.

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And there’s more to come, with some further exciting developments coming over the horizon – for instance, geolocation technology, which leverages the power of beacon technology, which is already gaining popularity in the corporate environment.

It will give features such as colleague search and find, and the use of interactive, responsive floorplans so you can see and pick your workspace – a bit like the way you can choose an aeroplane seat today.

Total flexibility is always the aim. It’s why we haven’t gone completely down the SaaS route, and offer clients the choice of continuing to host on-premises or host through us, via Microsoft Azure.

We’ve also now formalised our API strategy so clients can integrate through it with us – and we’ve won business on the basis of making it easy for both end users and partners to do that.

The Connected Workplace is one of the most significant transformations we’ve seen in the corporate world, both supporting and encouraging completely new ways of working.

And cutting edge technology providers, we feel it’s up to us to keep pushing the boundaries of what the Connected Workplace means – and what it can achieve.

Workplace, What’s powering the dramatic evolution of the Connected Workplace?, NFS Technology

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Nick Day
Nick Day Head of Rendezvous Sales Posted on: June 7, 2018
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