Will you make it into the cloud in 2018?

Harnessing the power of cloud technology makes huge sense for hospitality businesses, whether they are hotels, restaurants or venues.

And as we move into 2018, there’s even more reason to start your journey into the cloud.

Cloud-based restaurant POS systems and hotel PMS systems give managers and owners a full end-to-end view of their business by providing access to comprehensive reports 24/7 online via any mobile device.

This is particularly useful to owners of multi-location businesses, reducing the need to duplicate head office functions.

Cloud systems provide immediate ROI because they do not require a capital investment in hardware but are instead available at an affordable monthly cost.

They provide instant online access to crucial business intelligence so managers can make informed decisions backed up by real-time data.

So it’s easy to see why making a move to the cloud is a sensible strategy as the hospitality industry faces the economic uncertainty of the next few years – it gives your business a firm basis on which to build success.

However, you should ask your technology supplier some tough questions as your plan your move into the cloud.

No-one expects you to be an expert – after all, it’s not your field – but you need to make sure that your chosen supplier is able to implement a restaurant POS system or PMS that will provide you with the maximum benefit and the minimum of disruption.

It’s important to select systems that have a proven track record – for instance, our Silver cloud EPOS is used by 45,000 businesses worldwide.

Ask about the training process, and make sure you are choosing a system that is intuitive with an interface that’s easy to use – your staff should be up and running on a good restaurant POS system within hours.

Ensure that the cloud system you choose has full technical support; your business can’t afford downtime. And looking forward, make sure your system is fully scalable as your business grows.

I know that taking the first step into the cloud can be a big decision, and it’s easy to put it to one side; it may not seem central to your business operations.

Take that step in 2018. Your business, your staff and your customers will soon be feeling the benefit.

Want to start making your journey into the cloud? Take the first step by CLICKING HERE

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: December 20, 2017
United Kingdom USA South Africa Ireland Asia
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