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10 key steps you should take on your successful agile working journey

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As agile working grows worldwide, work has become an activity you do – not a place you go.

But if you are planning to steer your workplace on a successful agile working journey, you need good workspace management software to support and manage operations.

So what are the 10 key steps you need to take en route?

  • 1. Consult first – Select resource agnostic technologychoose a technology partner who seeks to understand what you actually want to achieve and manage.
  • 2. Seek flexibility – your business needs are evolving constantly, so you need a solution offering flexibility from design to implementation.
  • 3. Demand integration – look for a flexible API that will integrate with other technologies.
  • 4. Go mobile – your workers need to access the workspace management software while they are on the move, via a simple-to-use app where they can choose and book rooms or desks.
  • 5. Choose the right model – agile working is not one-size-fits-all. Determine whether you need to implement a trusted system of workspace management software where staff are free to choose their space, a managed version (desk inventory managed by a responsive booking system) or a hybrid of the two.
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  • 6. Select resource agnostic technology – this provides a flexible booking workflow as well as comprehensive booking rules and notification possibilities.
  • 7. Add occupancy sensors – integrated with your workspace management software, these provide real-time data on how space is being used. You can then base space planning on comprehensive utilisation reports.
  • 8. Plus digital signage and wayfinding – technologies that integrate with your system to provide perfect meeting guest management so you impress every time.
  • 9. Innovate with floorplan navigation – a graphical view so your workers can easily identify and book the space or desk they need.
  • 10. Ensure engagement – Make sure you take your staff on the journey with you by providing easy-to-use interfaces with minimum training required.

The result of taking these 10 steps and choosing the right workspace management software?

A repurposed workplace where agile employees have the technological the support they need to locate and book the space they need, while the facilities manager can be sure that every inch of valuable office is being put to good use.

Want to discover more about how making your agile working journey a smooth road to success?

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    Luis De Souza
    Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: November 14, 2019
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