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How NFS meeting room scheduling software fits into TIG’s vision for a smart workplace

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A guest blog from our new partners at Technological Innovations Group (TIG)

Technological Innovations Group (TIG) recently celebrated its first anniversary by announcing new strategic partnerships with market-leading brands including NFS.

Although we’re a new company, we have a heritage working with Crestron that goes back 25 years, and we’re still very pleased and privileged to be offering Crestron’s equipment for smart spaces.

However, TIG’s new journey as an independent company means that we can also make partnerships with other brands. We have a vision of becoming the go-to sales agency for anyone wanting to purchase a whole suite of technologies that integrate with one another seamlessly.

That’s why it was an easy decision for us to link up with NFS. It was a logical step, as their software solutions are the perfect addition to smart workplaces, and our customers are going to love how easy it is to add NFS’ Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software to their Crestron room-booking panels.

What we’re seeing in modern workplaces is a revolution in how people hold meetings. There’s been a move away from formal boardrooms towards small, efficient huddle spaces and pods.

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A ‘meeting space’ is a term that can’t easily be stereotyped in today’s workplace environment. But what TIG can do is help companies make the best possible use of these spaces and integrate AV tech that enables users around the world to communicate in real-time.

But, in order to enjoy the most efficient use, these spaces still need to be booked and connected and the equipment they contain used as frequently as possible.

Team members need to know what assets are free at any time, and to be able to book them without fuss on an ad-hoc or regular basis, with a booking status notification available at a glance.

We’ve found that when we introduce our clients to the possibilities that central management systems such as Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software can offer, they find it massively eye-opening.

Being able to put advanced AV tech that can increase productivity and efficiency and reduce costs into any size meeting space, and being able to administer it with easy-to-use apps or physical panels, then being able to gather analytics on how these spaces are used, is invaluable.

NFS meeting room scheduling software is helping TIG make smart spaces even smarter. That’s why we’re proud to be working with them and very excited to show the world what their products can do when matched with the other brands we represent.

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Guest Blog Guest blog Posted on: April 7, 2020
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