How to create the best working environment to recruit and retain staff

NFS highlights latest research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveys (RICS) that says over a third of small business employees do not like their office or working environment.

The RICS has warned small business bosses to make better use of their office and workplace facilities, or face difficulty recruiting and retaining staff.

The research reveals that more than a third (35%) of employees working for small businesses want upgrades to the properties in which they work.

The issue of unsatisfactory offices and workplaces was also specifically identified as a recruitment issue, with more than nine tenths (93%) of employees of small businesses who work indoors highlighting that the property plays a major role in whether or not they accept a new job.

And when asked to compare it to other factors, only pay and people are shown to be more important – with the office or workplace outranking ‘progression opportunities’ (40%), ‘company culture’ (36%) and ‘benefits’ such as gym membership (22%).

The RICS’ research also highlights that high quality offices and workplace facilities are key to retaining members of staff. The research found that: “Four fifths (80%) of the survey respondents said that their workplace has a bearing on whether or not they’ll stay in their current job, while a further 88% said it had an impact on overall job satisfaction.”

NFS has recently conducted its own research on space productivity, aiming to help business’ find the right balance between space utilisation and team productivity.

Says Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS: “Aside from the job scope itself, the RICS research shows how the main factor to significantly influence how employees, both new and existing, feel about work is the environment. A positive work environment makes (prospective) employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.

“Businesses should be doing everything possible in space utilisation and planning to enable them to recruit and retain the best people. The investment does not have to be costly to make an immediate impact. Small well considered changes that are well-constructed, designed and utilize space more effectively can instantly pay huge dividends.

“Knowing where to start, how to involve staff and understand their different requirements, and grasping what can be achieved can be a challenge. The best way is to work right from the basics to understand the best way to create the environment for outstanding creativity and productivity. Once you ask yourself that question, best space utiisation can come into play and it will undoubtedly be different for every business and their employees.”

Here Are Some Key Points to Consider in Making Plans to Change Your Working Environment:

  • Make sure you understand the key factors within your business that contribute to high and consistent productivity and adapt your workspace to suite
  • Acknowledge that management of workspace is rapidly changing and adopt a flexible approach to space planning – including meeting room use and social area
  • Take a realistic approach to translating the ideal work environment into clearly defined space categories.
  • Don’t expect all people to naturally adapt to the space available, especially when considering the additional requirements of the multi-generational workplace.
  • Build in the greatest level of flexibility in your design to accommodate your changes that you will need to make related to agile working.
  • Ensure you have the technology to support today’s tech-savvy generation.

NFS is holding a dedicated webinar on how to measure and manage your office space more effectively. Details can be found here.

Nick Day
Nick Day Head of Rendezvous Sales Posted on: July 20, 2015
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