Manage Your Video Conference and Telepresence Facilities with One Complete Scheduling Solution

Video conferencing and telepresence continue to be a hot topic across the globe right now. With Organizations trying to cut reimbursable fuel costs, save money on airline travel, and foster collaboration between remote employees – not to mention ramping up on that “face-time” with clients in other cities, Companies not already on the bandwagon are scrambling to find and implement the right solutions.

Finding the right video conferencing and telepresence technology (VCTP) is a good start, but it’s only part of the equation. Companies will also need a simple, efficient way to schedule and manage their VCTP facilities. Meeting hosts need an easy way to invite participants to meetings, keep track of changes, and update attendees as needed. Hosts may also need to communicate with VCTP technicians. Some Companies will require a fully web-based solution that’s quick and easy to roll out, with others requiring this service to be hosted and supported.

Points to Consider When Implementing VCTP Technology

Once the decision has been made to implement VCTP technology in the Organization, there are certain questions to pose, such as, how do you manage the process of finding and scheduling available VCTP space? What if your Organization has a request/approve process with gatekeepers, or more of a self-service process, or even a combination thereof?

MS Outlook doesn’t have the flexibility or robustness to deal with variations and complexities such as these, but as many Companies know, employees rely heavily on this email application.

What if you could allow your staff to continue using the familiar MS Outlook, powered by a seamlessly integrated VCTP scheduling system that allowed them to book all meetings simply and efficiently from their desktop?

Knowledge is Key

Management and utilization reports are critical so that you know exactly how your VCTP space is being used. Keeping track of trends will determine if VCTP space is being over or under-utilized. Do under-utilized spaces need attention to make them more usable? Do you need to scale up the amount of VCTP space on offer? Knowledge is key. Informed and educated answers to these, and many other questions, can be easily obtained.

NFS Has the Solution

What if you could have all of this in one flexible, scalable, comprehensive scheduling solution? NFS provides the capability to manage and schedule all your VCTP meetings directly from MS Outlook, with powerful software that is available on a hosted basis or as an easily implemented web-based system.

Experience the benefits of growing your video conferencing and telepresence capabilities, and let NFS show you how to manage and schedule these critical corporate assets with simplicity and ease.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: April 28, 2011
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