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At a recent EventProfs event at which NFS was present, three topics of conversation emerged: that of the use of event apps and market leaders, communication and the importance of research.

Here, we share the findings.

Event Apps and Market Leaders

A market leader was defined by the group as a person or organisation who you trust in your situation to deliver for you. With this in mind and based on people’s interpretation, will it always be different?

Event apps were also highlighted and of particular interest was the challenge of downloads. It was disclosed that the more hold you have over the audience, the more likely they are to download, and perhaps this is again down to a trust issue.

Internal event employees will download an event app, but external event clients may be less inclined. As NFS Business Consultant David Young highlights:
“Perception can be a challenge as some delegates feel that it’s just a way for event organisers to capture their data, so we should be thinking about we how we overcome this.”


There were two elements to the issue of communications. The first was to ensure the fact that an event app is available is appropriately communicated to visitors was key to success.

The second critically, is to ensure that the wifi within a venue is effective enough to enable any app to operate. From an event planning perspectives, these conversations should be occurring as early as possible in the planning process.


With the trend towards mobile apps and adoption of smart phone technology, the desire is to create an app for your event. But understanding the real need and requirements must be considered carefully alongside the ‘want’ to have one.

After all, apps are still a significant investment in any event planning and therefore the objectives will have to be explained carefully to stakeholders.

Do you agree with these comments? What have we missed to encourage use of relevant apps at events?

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: May 22, 2015
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