Vital Statistics That Are Indispensable to Your Business

Someone once said that statistics might be used as a drunken man uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination. That was then, this is now. Today statistics play a major role in the world of Business Intelligence.

One way Business Intelligence works is in the means by which organisations use workspace. It breaks down to Operational Reports and Statistical Reports.

Statistical Reports are used to analyse and report on the metrics of how space is being utilised in an organisation, but also to provide statistics on services and employee performance. Such reports are indispensable to service managers, reception managers, central reservation team managers and corporate real estate personnel.

The reports can help quantify factors like chargeback actions; most and least booked spaces; the number of space bookings by type; the number of rooms, desks, lockers and other space bookings made during peak periods; percentage utilisation… and more.

Whilst it was once enough for Statistical Reports to be stored in a database, today, the complications of Statistical Reporting are simplified with scheduling software like Rendezvous Workspace from NFS Technology. Rendezvous Workspace is a powerful browser-based software solution using the latest Microsoft .Net technology to offer various reporting categories.

Statistical Reports are the key to ensuring space and services are managed effectively and efficiently. Make sure your teams are equipped with accurate and up-to-date information to guarantee they make the correct decisions for the business.

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Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: December 7, 2012
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