Whatever Happened to Receptionists?

Receptions and receptionists aren’t what they used to be. Remember when visiting someone’s business premises entailed no more than signing in and maybe collecting an ID badge from a smiling receptionist behind a desk?

These days, the receptionist is just as likely to be walking around the reception area, checking you in with a hand-held device like an iPad. If you were expected, your ID badge is likely to have been pre-printed and ready. That mobile receptionist might even know the size of meeting room needed for your visit and your preference for tea or coffee!

There’s every chance also that checking in might be receptionist-free, expecting you to do it all yourself digitally on a touch screen device. Between those two extremes, you might find yourself confronted with a virtual receptionist, on a video screen. And once you are checked in, you could be tracked wherever you are in the building.

There’s no doubt about it – as technology advances so the concept of Visitor Management changes. But is that such a good thing? As more corporate organisations embrace the latest Visitor Management technology, care must be taken not to take on a “Big Brother” persona, to be seen as invaders of privacy and to still maintain the personal touch where possible.

The successful corporation is the one that puts the technology to work in an appropriate way, without allowing it to take over completely. The fine dividing line between those two scenarios is, however, a difficult one to create and maintain.

To address this issue and more, NFS Technology have introduced a new series of three White Papers on Visitor Management. Part 3, Traditional Visitor Management is so yester-year! is available now. Download it here.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: June 3, 2013
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