When Picking a Partner Strengthens Your Business

, When Picking a Partner Strengthens Your Business, NFS Technology

It might sometimes be good to be known as one of a kind, but there are times when two heads are better than one.

Take NFS Technology, for example. Many of their clients think of them as one of a kind, in the way they supply software solutions that improve business efficiency and reduce costs while helping to grow revenue. But NFS also see the strength from putting their heads together with others and forming strategic partnerships.

Earlier this year, the UK-based company got together with Amnet in the US, recognising the way combining the different yet compatible strengths of the two companies would come together to offer reliability and ease of use to the next generation of video conferencing management.

Now, NFS has entered into a strategic partnership, this time with groupVision in Spain and Portugal. This new partner specialises in groupware – hardware and software tools that help groups access and share the information they need to meet, train or teach. As such, the company was very keen to offer NFS’ Rendezvous suite of software throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The benefits of such a partnership are obvious: groupVision gets to market a new product, with the proven assurance of quality and reliability, while NFS reaches new markets in the knowledge that the people selling their product have the required depth of knowledge needed for the purpose. And, between them the two companies can give 24/7 technical support to customers throughout the UK and Europe.

So what’s better – to be one of a kind or part of a partnership? The answer is probably both. The trick is to recognise when the strengths of two companies can combine to be a benefit to each.

Luis De Souza
Luis De Souza Chief Executive Officer Posted on: March 5, 2013
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