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Get staff back to work safely : the approach and tools
you need – An NFS Complementary Webinar

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, Get staff back to work safely: the approach and tools, NFS Technology

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    NFS Complementary Webinar

    Luis Desouza


    NFS Complementary Webinar

    Jason Jenner

    Special Projects

    NFS Complementary Webinar

    Stephen Corkin

    Client Services

    NFS Complementary Webinar

    Raquel De Lemos Arnaut

    Associate Director (Savills)

    , Get staff back to work safely: the approach and tools, NFS Technology

    Join our FREE webinar and discover:
    • How to plan your workplace for social distancing
    • How to use a mobile scheduling platform for better agile working
    • Why booking safe space eases your staff’s concerns
    • How to use technology to select, book and check into a space, with “zero touch”
    • Tips on monitoring key compliance metrics—it will be the law.

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