It’s so tiring to be on the road all the time.

And it’s also expensive. So when you finally got through the traffic to your meeting this morning, you were not only late, but frustrated.

It’s no way to run a meeting. Video conferencing technology provides a fantastic answer, bringing your effortlessly together no matter where they are based.

But has your experience of co-ordinating video conferencing and meeting guests been a nightmare? Organisations often struggle to get staff to adopt environment-friendly virtual meetings because they can be tricky and time-consuming to pull together.

Not with Rendezvous Workspace’s easy booking facilities.

Don’t get behind that driver’s wheel. Instead, imagine this: you need to organise a video conference across multiple locations and time zones, with many guests. You need to book VC equipment and space for everyone, too.

Using your mobile device, you book it all in minutes using Rendezvous’ superb integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365.

Rendezvous knows where the VC equipment is available, and books it – and takes account of time zones to make sure all attendees get the right invitation.

And it’s no problem if the meeting needs to go back by an hour. Rendezvous contacts everyone automatically with the new arrangements.

Job done. Enjoy your effortless meeting!

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