Greater staff

Is your team so busy that important tasks and opportunities are being ignored? No venue can afford to let that happen. Imagine a situation where a new prospect gets in touch, but no-one remembers to follow up the lead. It could mean not only one event is lost, but perhaps also a whole string of

Fully accurate

How effective is your venue at the important business of billing? It can be a minefield for some venues. Perhaps your busy accounts team is falling down when it comes to keeping up with invoicing, taking deposits and issuing credit notes – and can’t quite keep on top of chasing aged debtors. Rendezvous Events handles

Informed decision

Now, why exactly did you make that decision for your venue? Was it just gut feeling? Many big decisions are made that way, and it can work out well. But sometimes it doesn’t – for instance, imagine the trouble it can cause if you believe in a trend and gear your operations up for it,


Even the busiest of venues will benefit from streamlining operations In fact, the busier you are, the more you need to do it. In a typical situation, a venue has grown its business and processes organically – which can mean processes can be ad hoc and inefficient. Maybe you’re still even using paper diaries, and


Is your venue maximising sales opportunities? It can be tricky to get it right – imagine this typical situation: a new sales lead comes in, but your staff are too busy to follow it up straight away, and it gets neglected. Meanwhile, a successful event has just finished, and you should really use the opportunity

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