The changing face of the food and beverage industry

New technology in the food and beverage industry is changing the way bars and restaurants are run. If you don’t want to be left behind, now’s the time to ask yourself if your software solutions are really giving you everything you need to run a successful business. In this issue of Restaurant Matters, we look at how these new solutions can be put to work for you.

Today, it’s not enough for your software to give you accurate reports of what has been happening over the past week. That’s just history. As the role of tablets and smart phones grows in delivery management, the latest software, taking advantage of mobile and cloud technology, tells you what is happening right now. You don’t even have to be on the premises to see what’s right, what’s wrong and to be able to make changes in real time.

What are labour costs today? What specific items are selling well? What’s not selling so well? Is there evidence of staff scams? Are staff responding proactively to comments on Twitter?

Pulse-Real-TimeWith today’s restaurant management software you can keep an eye on all this and more, not just at one site, but across multiple locations. Gone are the days when a daily, weekly or even a monthly analysis would suffice. Food costs, labour costs, which menu items are being most ordered, which are least popular… all this information and more can be there in the palm of your hand, not at the end of the day, or the end of the week when it’s too late to react, but right NOW.

To make this happen, more and more restaurant owners and managers are turning to Pulse Real Time to facilitate changes. Used in conjunction with Aloha restaurant Point of Sale (POS) software, Pulse delivers information about restaurant management direct to the user’s smart phone or tablet, wherever they are.

With Pulse, restaurant owners and managers can:

  • Take action when labour costs are running high so the bottom line is not affected.
  • Monitor revenue including what is selling to maximise opportunities, dynamically.
  • Receive alerts on fraudulent activity in order to take action and minimise revenue loss.
  • Get instant information when guest feedback is negative, giving an opportunity to deal with the issue before internet reviews do any real damage.

Adding Pulse to your Aloha POS solution gives you anytime, anywhere access, allowing you to spend less time on administration and more time giving customers the service they deserve. It might just be the game changer you have been looking for.

To learn more about Pulse Real Time and to speak to someone who can advise on how it can work for you, click here

Restaurants and bars putting Aloha to work

The Noodle House

Recently opened near the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road in London, The Noodle House offers a fresh perspective on Asian dining. Where other outlets focus on one specific brand or type of food, the restaurant’s mission is to focus on the best dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and put them all on the same menu.

“Right from the start we understood the importance of using the right restaurant technology,” says Hussein Sunderji, Director of the EQ Group that is behind The Noodle House. “Aloha has given us a way to offer great service to our customers, without letting the technology stand between our staff and our diners.”

Orderman-SolOne way that concept is put into action is by the use of Orderman Sol, a hand-held device fully integrated with Aloha to take orders tableside and deliver them wirelessly to the kitchen. With a similar user interface to that of the iPod Touch, the Sol is robust, intuitive, easy to learn, easy to use, and utilises the RF frequency in place of wi-fi to prevent interference with, or from, customers’ own wi-fi devices.

The Noodle House has also implemented Pulse Real Time. “From a management perspective, having the ability to actually evaluate how the business is doing minute by minute is one of the biggest advantages to us,” says Hussein. “We are able to watch trends closely and monitor activity on the restaurant floor remotely which provides significant insight to us as a management team.”

Following the success of the London restaurant, there are plans to open at least one other branch within a year, with a mandate of opening 27 across the UK over the next ten years.

“As the chain grows, we intend to use Pulse to watch over many more outlets at the same time,” says Hussein. “Used in conjunction with Aloha, it’s a phenomenal and incredibly powerful tool.”

Ed’s Easy Diner

he UK’s first Ed’s Easy Diner opened its doors in London’s Soho more than 25 years ago, bringing the culture of 1950s America to London. Today, with 27 branches throughout the UK, it’s Aloha restaurant point of sale software that helps maintain a reputation for speedy service of traditional American food and keeps the customers coming back for more.

The restaurant uses Aloha for all basic EPOS functions, including clocking in and out, while EPOS data is controlled by exporting it into Fourth’s cloud-based cost control systems. The loyalty card scheme provides advantages and special offers via text messages to customer club members. As part of the Aloha-controlled process, customers collect 10p credit for every £1 spent at participating diners.

“Our decision to use the Aloha EPOS system has become one of the best we have made in supporting the management of our fast-growing business,” says Chief Executive Andrew Guy. “The support that we get from NFS has, in my experience, been second to none in this all-important area.”

Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar

Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar is a multi-cuisine, all-you-can eat buffet restaurant, with ten locations around the UK and four more coming soon.

“Having decided to embark on a major expansion plan we soon realised the importance of using an enterprise level technology platform,” says Jimmy’s Chief Executive Parm Uppal. “We chose the Aloha solution from NFS, and integrated it with the Orderman Sol.

“We have rolled out to many sites in a relatively short time. Having a fully integrated EPOS, loyalty, EFT, mobile and control solution makes it possible to operate more consistently and also drive the many sales and marketing initiatives we have planned.”

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