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Visitor Management 1: The Traditional Model


In the first part of this three-part White Paper, we discussed the way technology today handles more and more aspects...

Best Practices in Scheduling Rooms and Resources – Webinar Summary


This first in a series of webinars gives top tips on best practice in scheduling rooms and resources, and is hosted by...

Best Practices in Scheduling Rooms and Resources – Live Q & A Session


A lively Q&A session followed the NFS webinar hosted by David Mapps, Workspace Business Consultant, looking at...

The blind spots in legacy space management controls is a challenge


Space management – the way meeting rooms are booked and utilised – has become a major issue in today’s world of...

Managing the process of change


These days, businesses are seeing many changes in how they use technology to enable employees to better engage with...

Multigeneration Whitepaper


The world of work is changing. Today’s workforce is more generationally diverse than ever before. With more...

Best Practices in Scheduling Rooms and Resources


Space is one of the top costs for a business. This webinar discusses the five hurdles to its effective use, and top...

Booking Video Conference Meetings in MS Outlook


This is the third in our series of webinars focusing on how MS Outlook calendars can be used to fulfil all of your...

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