Workspace Agile Working Component 2: Smart Kiosk


At one time, people went to work in an office. Today, they take the office with them. Gone are the days when employees...

Workspace Agile Working Component 1: Smart Monitor


The days when work was confined to one office and ended the moment you left it are gone. These days, business people...

Rendezvous End User Interface Component 1: Rooms and Resources


An urgent meeting is suddenly necessary! An available room must be found, resources such as laptops or AV must be...

How Do We Measure Space Utilisation?


Space: For Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise, it was the final frontier. For more down-to-earth...

MS Outlook vs Workspace – Feature Comparison


Create and manage the screen-flows required for the different User Interfaces. Includes the ability to create Custom...

Dashboards and Exports: Component 3 of Workspace Business Intelligence


It’s funny how words evolve. The word dashboard originally referred to a board of wood at the front of a horse drawn...

Workspace Business Intelligence Component 2: Statistical Reports


Business Intelligence is fast becoming one of the most important tools for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing...

Workspace Business Intelligence Component 1: Operational Reports


An Operational*Report refers to how people perform their daily tasks: who requires workspace, how they use it, what...

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