Friends House, a meeting venue with a vast range of competitively priced space, from small meeting rooms to large halls, are expanding and developing facilities. Major investments are being made to build a new auditorium at the venue, which is ideally located close to Euston Station in London. Rendezvous, the event management solution from NFS Technology, has been chosen to replace the existing legacy technology.
Rendezvous is planned to go live at the venue, partly in June and to be fully functional from the start of July.

Friends House is not a traditional meeting venue, but more a Christian centre where the welcome is always warm and friendly,” explains Commercial Manager Emre Cevik. “We were looking for a fully integrated venue management solution that would not only handle bookings, but also manage the complete invoicing process from initiation of deposits and invoices, through to payments.

We turned to NFS knowing that they have been supplying IT solutions to the hospitality industry and leading meeting venues in central London for more than 20 years.

As Rendezvous is web based, no implementaion of software is required on our PCs, meaning IT maintenance will be simple and cost effective. Being a browser-based solution also makes it easy to implement upgrades without the need to make changes to local machines.

Rendezvous As An Upgrade To A Legacy Venue Booking System

Many meeting venues still use legacy technology to operate their business. This could include out-of-date venue management software or a combination of different tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel to provide the required functionality, all the way from initial enquiry handling through to operational and financial management.

Installing a solution like Rendezvous enables the venue to streamline business processes, reducing the time it takes to generate documents like Contracts and also Event Sheets to gain a complete integrated view of a client’s business, allowing the venue to concentrate better on new business development.

These are key drivers for the implementation of a best-of-breed venue management solution.

Delivering Great Customer Service, Efficiently

Having replaced our old legacy system with Rendezvous, we are confident that it will save time in the booking process, allowing the venue to get more business and dedicate more time to providing better customer service,” says Emre. “The arrival of Rendezvous will take Friends House to the next level in terms of managing event bookings and the venue as a whole.

Rendezvous includes a mobile solution for service staff and, when in use at Friends House, will provide better customer service. All service providers within the venue, such as caterers, will also have access to the latest booking changes while on the move.

Being able to create events by the simple selection of Delegate Packages, which automatically combine the items required, will also save Friends House a significant amount of time.

With Rendezvous, all activities and reminders are tracked, so that that the sales team can effectively deal with new enquiries and follow ups, thus ensuring a better process for the conversion of enquires into confirmed bookings. The Rendezvous Diary, which uses colours extensively to identify different aspects, will be ideal for helping the sales team to visualise the booking status, to see what actions need to be taken to improve conversion ratios.

As a Quaker concern, the facilities provided by Friends House are quoted by the venue as being high quality and honestly priced. It’s a philosophy into which Rendezvous from NFS fits perfectly.

About NFS

NFS is a leading provider of venue management and hospitality software. Rendezvous is also available on a cost-effective rent model basis for smaller venues seeking an affordable, integrated solution to maximise booking efficiency and revenue potential.

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