Langan’s is one of London’s best-known restaurant names. Since it opened in 1976, it has set a high standard and attracted an A-list clientele in droves. It was founded by the late Peter Langan along with actor Michael Caine and Richard Shepherd CBE, now the sole owner. Today the Langan’s Group operates five restaurants, including Langan’s Brassiere, the flagship site.

The group is known as much for its tradition of personal customer service as its food. This summer, realising that it’s old proprietary DOS-based EPOS system could not provide an adequate level of management information or control, Langan’s chose Aloha EPOS from NFS Hospitality for the group.

Aloha is the leading restaurant EPOS solution, used by over 50,000 customers worldwide. As an enterprise-level solution, Aloha is ideal for fine dining groups like Langan’s. By streamlining operations in a seamless way, it allows staff at all five restaurants in the group to spend more time with customers and less at the point of sale terminal.

Gary Bennett, Operations Director of Langan’s, says: “We were ready to move up to a Windows-based system and I looked over the field. Aloha stood out as good value compared to its peers and it’s very easy to use. I was also impressed by the calibre of the NFS team.

Gary expects a number of benefits from the new system; including good controls at site level, a better user interface for staff and more flexibility to set the system up to match the operation of the Langan’s Group.

In terms of management information, Aloha’s range of reporting functions will allow him to keep tabs on profit margins and performance measures such as real-time sales statistics, product mix, employee clock-in status and server performance.

Langan’s will also benefit from NFS’ 24/7 helpdesk and from Aloha’s added functionality, including the possibility of loyalty programmes, restaurant reservations and head office centralisation.

Luis DeSouza, CEO of NFS, says: “Customer service is key to fine dining. The Aloha software offers Langan’s a best of-breed Windows-based EPOS software system to capture guest information, integrate front and back office and provide real-time sales statistics. The benefits in terms of staff time saved are really dramatic.

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