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When responsibilities for the NHS’ London Deanery passed to three Local Educational Training Boards, the time was right to move away from their old, paper-based meeting room booking system. The software solution chosen for the job was Rendezvous from NFS Technology.

The three Education Training Boards cover North, Central and East London; North West London; and South London. They are supported by Shared Services in a purpose-built Events Centre on the campus of the University of London. Opened in 2013, the Centre is now fully established as a high-quality venue to meet a wide range of health, education, training and related requirements in public healthcare.

Before installing Rendezvous, meeting room management was entirely based on a paper system,” explains NFS Workplace Business Consultant David Mapps. “It was time-consuming and difficult to operate with so many different teams reliant on one person who held the diary.

That was one of the key factors that led the Centre to selecting Rendezvous to manage its meeting rooms.

In any organisation, staff need to look at different types of rooms and what they are used for: How big should the room be? How many people will it seat? Is space being misused by organising small meetings in large rooms? Does the meeting being planned require video conferencing or telepresence facilities? Understanding the profile of any meeting saves space, time and costs.

With Rendezvous on board, all staff at the centre now have the opportunity to check the availability of rooms, decide on their suitability for any type of meeting and automatically send notifications to attendees.

NFS Chief Executive Officer Luis De Souza commented: “We are delighted that we have been able to deliver an automated solution to replace the inconvenience of the client’s old paper-based system. We are confident that Rendezvous’ ease of use, coupled with its versatility, will dramatically increase productivity and prevent misuse of meeting room space at the Centre.

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