When Tristan Hall took over as General Manager of Tyrrells Wood Golf Club in Surrey, one of his first projects was to upgrade the club’s IT system. It didn’t take him long to decide that IBS integrated golf club management software from NFS was the way forward.

With its unique parkland character and Grade II listed clubhouse, Tyrrells Wood is a private members club that has long been recognised as one of the finest golfing venues in Surrey, looking to become an industry leader in service and standards. The course is set amongst a myriad of specimen trees framing magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, originally designed by five times Open Champion James Braid to provide a tough but rewarding challenge.

Club Inc, a global consultancy practice of like-minded professionals helping clubs to plan, deliver and succeed, recruited Tristan as General Manager of Tyrrells Wood Golf Club in January 2012. This was part of a management contract, whereby the Directors of the club used Club Inc to review their systems, procedures and then recruit an experienced manager to implement the required changes and develop the plan for the club’s future. Club Inc carried out a review of the club and suggested reviewing the NFS club management system as they were impressed by NFS’ client base which includes St Andrews, The London Club and Brockett Hall. Club Inc are now working closely with NFS, believing that they will soon grow to one of the biggest and best suppliers in this area, benefitting clubs all over the world.

The NFS Club Management software solution is designed to address the challenge of retaining existing members while attracting new ones with total integration across the whole club, bringing together every aspect of business seamlessly from one user-friendly and intuitive solution.

10th view CH“Having used several IT business solutions over the past 15 years in golf management it was a breath of fresh air to see what NFS were offering,” says Tristan. “A new IT system is a significant investment and with the board acting on behalf of its members it is not a decision to be taken lightly. So, when I invited NFS to deliver a full demonstration and become part of a tender process, it was a chance to show the rest of the senior management team the benefits that the system could provide.

Steve Salter, NFS Head of Golf and Leisure, delivered the initial pitch and soon demonstrated how his experience working on the front line in golf clubs gave him an understanding of the concerns and questions from the club’s managers and board, and to respond with every answer and piece of information that was required.

It soon became evident that the control and benefits gained from installing the system would transform efficiency, and it quickly became clear that the benefits outweighed the cost, making NFS a sensible and viable option.

18th“Since ordering the system we have met some more of the NFS team and started to personalise the system during set-up to the specific needs of our business at Tyrrells Wood,” says Tristan. “We now look forward to full implementation due by the end of 2012 and as the NFS business builds, so does the confidence in the product and the brand.

NFS market and support the leading management system from the US, to clubs in the UK, Ireland and Europe, call IBS. They have 24/7 support based in the UK and have amassed great experience by implementing and managing over 1000 clients in the hospitality, club and hotel markets.

Please look out for the second part of this news release in early December once the implementation of the system at Tyrrells Wood is complete.

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