UK-based NFS Technology – a leading international provider of workspace software – has hosted an event in New York looking at the future of the workplace.

Chief Executive Luis De Souza flew out to the US to lead the discussion at the event for clients and partners, held at the Blu Fin restaurant at Times Square in New York City.

Luis acknowledged that the industry recognises the rapid changes going on in the workplace around the world.

“Flexible working is a challenge, both because of the type of space people have today and the culture – a comfort level of one fixed desk per person in one location is hard to relinquish,” he told delegates.

Luis explained that NFS clients are now turning to digital technology platforms such as meeting room scheduling software to enable staff to locate and book space.

“This new workplace technology is creating a high level of productivity, because workers have the space and resources they need to get on with their jobs,” he said.

The discussion included information about how digital technology can provide greater levels of productivity be connecting the workplace.

Brian Hughes, Sales Manager, North America for ONELAN, said:  “Digital technology platforms which integrate with meeting room scheduling software and provide a great user experience offer potentially the best approach to achieving high user adoption.”

Another participant, the CIO of a leading US law firm, commented that the legal world is conservative and requires white glove services in important areas such as catering, management of visitors, audio visual and video conferencing.

Speakers also included Natalie Appleton, NFS VP of Americas. She said: “Creating the right user experience to suit multi-generations in the workplace is now highly important for an effective workplace.”

Luis said the key drivers for future success will include:

1) Integrating meeting room scheduling software capabilities with other digital technology such as signage.

2) Providing a user experience that includes mobile devices to encourage users such as millennials to use the services.

3) Flexible working is moving at different paces in every industry, but any future workspace will need to support different work styles if it wants to encourage collaboration for maximum productivity.

After the event, Luis said: “I was encouraged by the huge level of engagement among the delegates and the lively debate it provoked – we’ll be holding another event soon to explore these issues further.”

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