Are you making the most of the online booking revolution?

Or is your hotel in this tricky situation: Your hotel needs online booking – who doesn’t? – and works with channel management and GDS providers to draw in the guests.

But making sure all of the online travel agents stay up to date with your availability is a nightmare to organise – and you also need to make sure rates are synchronised across all of them to achieve the maximum room rate possible with rate parity across the board.

Carrying out all this admin is eating up valuable time your staff should be spending with customers, and you can’t see a way out…

roomMaster hotel management technology sorts it all for you.

With the power of roomMaster at your fingertips, you are sure that all the online travel agents have your latest rates and availability, because roomMaster does it automatically – and downloads your reservations automatically, too.

We work with leading providers such as SynXis, Siteminder, Staah, Availpro and many more.

No-one has to manually key in reservations, and there’s no chance of double-booking, no matter how many rooms or locations you have. In fact, if you have multiple hotels, you can save on costs by removing duplicated staff duties – roomMaster is available anywhere you want to work that has an internet connection.

You get the right guests, at the right rates, at the right time. Result!

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      Take this opportunity to download your copy of the roomMaster brochure where you can find out how it can offer you the total solution for running your hotel.

      roomMaster offers a number of key benefits including:

      • Streamlining of all processes such as check in, reservations, housekeeping and billing
      • Commission free interfaces to channel management & GDS systems
      • A wide array of interfaces to EPOS systems, accounting systems, door locking systems, revenue management and movie systems
      • Value for money online booking engine
      • Comprehensive reporting for proactive decision making
      • Low ongoing cots and 7 days a week support

      Discover for yourself and download your copy today.

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        • How easy it is to make reservations and check availability with our intuitive tape chart
        • The sales and marketing benefits derived from guest history data
        • How the solution enables you to offer commission free internet bookings to your guests
        • The benefits for your management and housekeeping staff of our mobile reporting solution
        • The ways in which the solution interfaces to major GDS engines

        Please complete the form today and if there is a particular aspect of the solution you wish to see then please make a note in the comments section.

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      “Having worked in the events industry for over a decade, I have experience of using a variety of different systems but have found that the flexibility and functionality of Rendezvous, and the superb customer support offered by NFS Hospitality, cannot be matched elsewhere.”
      Jacqui Waby, Event Sales & Conferencing Manager, University of Manchester Incubator
      “The software is absolutely essential for our business. It runs faultlessly and reduces labour time, allowing staff more time for guests – something we pride ourselves on. ”
      Ben Genese, Manager, Tufted Duck
      , Ben Genese, Manager, Tufted Duck, NFS Technology
      “I’ve managed a number of hotels over the past eight years, and have installed roomMaster in all of them. It serves its purpose completely, and yet is flexible enough to adapt to different and individual properties. It has always suited my needs perfectly.”
      Peter Farquhar,General Manager, Forbury Hotel
      , Peter Farquhar,General Manager, Forbury Hotel, NFS Technology
      “roomMaster is quick, efficient and accurate, with many applications and reports that help us run our business. It works very well in-house and for online bookings, saving time and hassle.”
      Martin Simpson, Joint Co-Director, Micasa Aparthotel
      , Martin Simpson, Joint Co-Director, Micasa Aparthotel, NFS Technology
      “We highly rate both the quality of the product and its reliability. We also appreciate the 24/7 back-up and the confidence of knowing that we will always receive a call back within a matter of minutes. That kind of service is invaluable.”
      Sabina Flaherty, Front Office Manager, Renvyle House
      , Sabina Flaherty, Front Office Manager, Renvyle House, NFS Technology
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