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      • Effectively manages multi-location, multi time zone meetings including video
      • Integrates fully with Outlook so is easy to use and incorporate into your existing workflow
      • Eliminates manual processes such as sending meeting requests
      • Enables flexible working as works on all mobile platforms
      • Manages finite resources such as hot desks and A/V

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    Imagine this busy working day:

    You arrive at your flexible workplace, but you can’t find a free desk to work at. Some meeting rooms are empty – but the signage outside says they are booked. You waste 15 valuable minutes looking for a suitable place to work.

    Rendezvous workplace room and desk booking changes all that.

    Here’s that same day with Rendezvous:

    • You arrive at your flexible workspace, but you’ve booked your desk in advance easily online using Rendezvous’ QuickBook app on your mobile device. You sit down and get to work.
    • You haven’t booked in advance, but Rendezvous real-time display panels and sensors mean you can see instantly which desks and rooms are available. You book with your QuickBook app, and get to work.
    • You want to work closely with a particular colleague, but haven’t arranged anything. Rendezvous’ display shows you where he’s working, and you book a space next to him.
    • You need a meeting room, but there isn’t one available. However, one room is empty – so because no-one has shown up, Rendezvous automatically restores it to availability. You book on your mobile device, and hold your meeting.

    Does this meeting situation sound familiar?

    You need to organise a videoconference meeting in three locations in different timezones. But organising three rooms in three places takes you a huge amount of time and effort. And then the meeting time needs to change….

    Rendezvous workplace room and desk booking changes that, too.

    Using your QuickBook app on your mobile device, you easily identify three suitable rooms with videoconferencing facilities, and book them in minutes. Rendezvous takes care of the time zone differences.

    Our smart room booking software automatically sends out the meeting details to everyone taking part. And when the meeting changes, you can update the details in an instant – and Rendezvous will automatically notify everyone.

    How much is your time worth?

    Now multiply that by all the time people like you use up right across your organisation, just trying to secure the perfect place to get on with work.

    Then add in the cost of the frustration they feel.

    Now think how much Rendezvous Workspace can save you – in time, productivity and reduced staff turnover…

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