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Meeting Room Scheduling Software Using Outlook

Rendezvous scheduling software integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft desktop. This provides you with a one-stop scheduling capability that covers multi locations, different time zones and all resources – all via the easy-to-use Outlook interface. The most complex bookings can be managed in moments thanks to the meeting room booking system integrated with Outlook.

The meeting room booking system integrated with Outlook ensures that all attendees are kept informed of any changes – even last-minute ones. With a meeting room booking system integrated with Outlook, staff can plan their day with the the utmost efficiency.

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    Rendezvous Scheduling Using Outlook Delivers:

    Full Integration

    Full Integration

    Just launch Rendezvous Workspace directly from Outlook

    Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    User interface is uncluttered, user-friendly and efficient

    Tailored Functions

    Tailored Functions

    Customised to your exact needs and business processes



    Book rooms and resources via laptop or smartphone



    Send automatic notifications across multiple locations/time zones



    Whatever your choice of email platform, it delivers

    Benefits of Rendezvous Scheduling Using Outlook:

    • Save time by automating meeting reminders, change notifications, cancellation alerts and service alerts
    • Schedule multi-timezone and multi-location video conferences
    • Integrate with other platforms via Web Services/API with Exchange server
    • Supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari browsers
    • Book rooms, desks, car parking and any other resource in one form, through one Add-in
    • Change the meeting dates and times easily through drag and drop functionality
    • Greatly reduces no shows as cancelled meetings can be quickly re-allocated.

    Download Brochure

    Take this opportunity to download your copy of the Rendezvous Workspace brochure. Discover more about how it will streamline your room and resource booking operation

  • Download Brochure

      Take this opportunity to download your copy of the Rendezvous Workspace brochure

      Discover more about how it will streamline your room and resource booking operation.

      • Effectively manages multi-location, multi time zone meetings including video

      • Integrates fully with Outlook so is easy to use and incorporate into your existing workflow

      • Eliminates manual processes such as sending meeting requests

      • Enables flexible working as works on all mobile platforms

      • Manages finite resources such as hot desks and A/V

      And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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    • "The ease of use, audit trail facility, avoidance of repetitive communications and automated emails are going to save us between one and two day’s work a week. This is a cost saving of up to £15,000 per year, so payback is fast!"
      Liljana Howe, Business Analyst, Water Babies
      water babies
      "We were looking for a system that would simply book our meeting rooms and manage sandwich orders and directors’ lunches but on seeing a demo of Rendezvous, we realised that it could handle much more than that. It could also handle visitor management, which is a very big issue for us. We have so many visitors but now it’s easy."
      Jacqui Wade, Facilities Coordinator, Fujitsu
      “Once Rendezvous was installed, it was surprisingly easy to use – especially for a mature non-techie like me. We’ve cut phone calls by a third, which means much more time for quality service for staff and visiting clients.”
      Caroline Kennedy, Reception Manager, Gowling WLG
      Gowling wlg
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