Management Reporting Software to Help Clubs with Key Management Decisions

Get in-depth insight with our sophisticated graphical reporting tool into how your club is running so you can make the best decisions – quickly. Understanding your business is vital if you want to make the right management decisions. IBS Business Intelligence golf club management reporting software captures all the important detail and creates easily readable charts. It has a live dashboard with hundreds of built-in reports and a custom reporting tool. It’s all run in real time, too – so you get a clear and current view of all your departments.

IBS Business Intelligence Club Management Reporting Software Gives You:

Easy Report Building – It’s simple. The business intelligence add-in for Excel means you can easily design key management reports with Microsoft familiarity.

Personal Dashboards – Keep track of everyone. Live dashboards for each employee means everyone knows what’s happening at the club at all times, which eliminates double bookings and cuts down errors.

Useful Reports – Drill down to the detail. All reports can be filtered so you can get the specific information your business needs.

Instant Email Communications – Keep your team up to date too. You can email your reports instantly as Excel, csv or PDF files. You can also set the system to auto-email reports to specific addresses regularly, saving you time and making sure the right people see the right information.

Benefits of using IBS golf club management reporting software

Golf clubs are complex businesses that encompass a number of different elements, which range from player facilities to food and beverage and labour. And like any complex business, without the right data it can be hard to have a clear view of how the business is actually doing.

By using golf club management reporting software, that uncertainty is completely removed – forever. The suite of comprehensive reports that it offers provides actual, real-time data that can inform you about every element for the business.

The result is an end-to-end view of the business that helps you understand which parts are doing well and which need attention. Your planning strategies become better when supported by real information, and you can make effective decisions more swiftly, reducing wastage and inefficiencies and driving up your profits.

The result is also a better-run club that keeps members satisfied and loyal – and that is a long-term benefit that ensures the success and development of your club for the future.

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