Golf Club Membership Software

Retaining customers and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction is a challenge – win the membership battle with our golf club membership software.

Software to Manage Your Members and Customers

Make every member feel like a valued individual with the help of IBS Club Management, the user-friendly solution that helps you manage all your members and customers effectively.

Create a personal profile for every customer – it’s a recognised way to make sure they never want to leave. And you can also create customised membership schemes to give them exactly what they require.

IBS Golf Club Membership Software Helps You:

Know Your Members – Build customer relationships. Enjoy unlimited and detailed profiling, including bespoke information capture. The more you know about your members, the better the service you can give them.

Be Flexible – Create customisable membership categories. You can add specialised club privileges and easily-managed accessibility rights.

Reward Best Customers – Show you’re grateful and build loyalty. IBS Membership includes customisable loyalty schemes so you can get the most out of your best, most loyal customers, and reward them with targeted offers.

Give Them Access – 24/7. You can create online member accounts and statements they can access from anywhere with an internet connection, giving members access to drill-down and re-print receipt options.

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      • The ways in which it can be used to drive customer retention and acquisition to drive up the lifetime value of your members
      • How the solution helps to increase food and beverage revenue
      • The benefits of the solution’s powerful business intelligence to help make proactive decisions and keep tabs at all times on sales data.

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        IBS Private Members offers the following benefits:

        • You can personalise the service to your members
        • Easily create loyalty programmes to increase lifetime value
        • Improved customer acquisition
        • Integrated point of sale to enhance your food and beverage retail
        • Real time business intelligence for proactive decision making

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