Cabana has chosen NFS Technology’s specialist Aloha POS software and newest web portal offering to enable a smooth running service at all its restaurants, with a unique ability to add on future locations in line with rapid expansion plans.

The Brasilian barbeque chain, with seven current UK wide locations including sites at the Covent Garden, Westfield and Wembley, brings the unique flavours, culture and community spirit of Brasil into the restaurant experience.

As the business grows, with the most recent and largest 5,000 sq ft restaurant opening in the world famous O2 Centre in London, founding partners Jamie Barber and David Ponte looked to install one software system that could enable tighter control and mobility across all of its sites.

Aloha EPoS system was selected featuring specialist NFS real time hosted solutions including Pulse, Restaurant Guard, Loyalty, Gift Card and Insight to form an all encompassing solution that allows Cabana to efficiently monitor and manage all aspects of restaurant kitchen, above store and front of house services.

Says Jamie Barber, Founding Partner at Cabana: “As a growing restaurant operator, we were keen to find a technology solution that was scaleable and could deliver valuable real time information. For me, being able to see in real time sales and related information is invaluable, particularly for new sites where sales growth is an importance indicator of success.

“The NFS Pulse Solution delivers this real time information directly to me direct to my smart phone, wherever I am at the time, and going forward, we see it as a platform to build a better and more dynamic restaurant reporting solution for Cabana. We have also deployed a great mobile solution from NFS, the Ordaman Solution, which has proven far more reliable because it uses the RF frequency, which does not interfere with customers’ own WiFi applications.”

Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS Technology adds: “Cabana is a fast growing business and demonstrates clearly how the NFS Aloha can act as a centralized and management software tool with its new unique web portal. Together with the selection of specialist hosted services it can be hand picked to suit individual restaurant climates and management requirements from one site to multiple.”

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