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From left to right: Paul Grayling (NFS Chairman of SA Operations), Nicolette Kruger (NFS General Manager of SA Operations), Nick Day (NFS Head of Corporate Sales EMEA), Nikki Mackenzie (NFS Head of Business Development of SA Operations) and Wynand Langenhoven (CEO of Peripheral Vision).

Lower costs and better productivity were on the agenda when guests attended a special business event in Johannesburg this week. The event, hosted by partners NFS Technology and Peripheral Vision, looked at the rise of the Connected Workplace, and how it can take advantage of current changes in the way people work.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, said: “Around the world we’re finding huge interest in our concept of the Connected Workplace, where the right technology and business processes deliver a great working experience for staff and pay dividends for companies.” NFS Technology’s Rendezvous meeting and scheduling software is used by companies across the world to smooth their business operations, cut costs and boost productivity.

Guests at the Johannesburg event took part in a lively Q&A session after presentations on the technology components of a connected workplace and what solutions work best. “We were delighted to host the event with our South African partners Peripheral Vision, who specialise in audio visual solutions,” said Luis.

Luis continues: “Workplaces in South Africa – like the rest of the world – are changing as workforces become more mobile and activity-based working creates a requirement for flexible space and excellent scheduling. Thanks go to our guests in Johannesburg, who were deeply interested in the Connected Workplace and what it can do for their businesses.”

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