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Software specialists NFS Technology have created a new partnership with adding a leading global manufacturer of integrated automation, control and management technology.

NFS is an international provider of solutions and services to more than 1,500 customers in the corporate, meeting venue and hospitality markets. The company works closely with a range of trusted worldwide partners to create a full suite of services to suit client needs, and CEO Luis De Souza says it is delighted to welcome Crestron to its family. NFS’ Rendezvous room booking software seamlessly combines with Crestron Fusion Cloud, a quality cloud-based enterprise management system, to create a truly connected workplace environment.

Connecting your workplace

Luis said: “At NFS, we are firmly committed to promoting the benefits of the connected workplace, where technology interfaces seamlessly to create the perfect working conditions that keep staff happy and drive up productivity. Crestron Fusion Cloud enables technology and facilities managers to monitor, manage, and control room devices globally, as well as display meeting details inside and outside the scheduled room with digital signage. It also enables them to collect data on device and room usage so they can make informed, intelligent decisions to improve workflow. We partner only with leaders in their fields, and Crestron Fusion Cloud is one of the leading solutions for meeting management, delivering a great customer experience and making meetings more efficient.”

Rendezvous software enables staff to book a room or workspace any time, anywhere, and book equipment and services such as audio visual, video conferencing and catering at the same time. If the meeting time changes, Rendezvous automatically makes adjustments and notifies participants and service providers, and if it ends early, Rendezvous automatically releases the room for someone else to book.

The Crestron Fusion Integration

Creston Fusion Cloud and controls mean the meeting begins when you enter the room. – lights on, displays on, personalised welcome message on the room display. One-touch video conference controls allow users to join in easily. Meanwhile, a scheduling panel outside the room provides room status, time, and the ability to book the room on the spot or release it back into inventory if it’s unused.

“As a software company, it’s important for us to deliver solutions that are flexible enough to respond to the very different parameters of our diverse clients,” said Luis. “So NFS supports a wide range of quality digital signage options to give our customers the best possible choice and advantageous cost of ownership. By choosing the right platform, signage and connecting this with control over heating and lighting they can connect their workplace and drive efficiency up and costs down.”

To find out more about NFS Technology solutions and how they can help you connect your workplace, CLICK HERE or call 0800 731 8451.

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