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How Rendezvous protects your returning workforce from Covid 19

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      • How the solution takes care of the complexity of booking multi-site, multi time zone meetings and books videoconferencing if required in one simple process

      • The ease of which it manages meeting changes, agendas, notifications and last minute catering requests

      • The power of how our reporting suite can pinpoint how space is being under-utilised and drive reductions in real estate costs.

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    • social-distancing
      Social Distancing In the Workplace

      Assurance that people can only book desks that are a safe distant apart. Where there are shared workstations and pods automatically stagger what is available.

      Social Distancing In Meetings

      Decrease the maximum capacity of rooms/spaces, based on supporting safe distancing. Even support new layouts and updates in room images.

      Time for Sanitation

      Automatically build in setup and breakdown time to support sanitation services to a room or workstation booking. Communicate those requirements and empower staff with a mobile friendly checklist of services required.

      Sensor Technology For Real-Time People Counting

      At a glance be able to see how many people are within the rooms, space, workstations and overall site with real-time feedback related to occupancy.

      Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking system delivers:

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      Complete the form today to secure your opportunity to arrange a short demonstration of the benefits of our meeting room booking software





        What our clients say

        “Once Rendezvous was installed, it was surprisingly easy to use – especially for a mature non-techie like me. We’ve cut phone calls by a third, which means much more time for quality service for staff and visiting clients.”

        Caroline Kennedy, Reception Manager, Gowling WLG

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        "We were looking for a system that would simply book our meeting rooms and manage sandwich orders and directors’ lunches but on seeing a demo of Rendezvous, we realised that it could handle much more than that. It could also handle visitor management, which is a very big issue for us. We have so many visitors but now it’s easy."

        Jacqui Wade, Facilities Coordinator, Fujitsu

        Read Case StudyFujitsu-Logo.png

        "The ease of use, audit trail facility, avoidance of repetitive communications and automated emails are going to save us between one and two day’s work a week. This is a cost saving of up to £15,000 per year, so payback is fast!"

        Liljana Howe, Business Analyst, Water Babies

        Read Case Studywater-babies-2318368.png

        Download Brochure

        Take this opportunity to download your copy of the Rendezvous Workspace brochure. Discover more about how it will streamline your room and resource booking operation

      • Download Brochure

          Take this opportunity to download your copy of the Rendezvous Workspace brochure

          Discover more about how it will streamline your room and resource booking operation.

          • Effectively manages multi-location, multi time zone meetings including video

          • Integrates fully with Outlook so is easy to use and incorporate into your existing workflow

          • Eliminates manual processes such as sending meeting requests

          • Enables flexible working as works on all mobile platforms

          • Manages finite resources such as hot desks and A/V

          And a whole lot more! Discover for yourself and download a copy today.

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        • Meeting Room Booking Software Features

          • Meeting Room Booking
          • Desk Booking
          • Scheduling Using Outlook
          • Catering & AV Services
          • Video Conferencing
          • Visitor Management
          • Wayfinding & Digital Signage
          • Sensor Technology
          • Rendezvous Mobile
          • Management Reporting

          Meeting Room Booking

          Our Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking system simplifies the process of searching, selecting and securing meeting rooms.

          With this advanced cloud-based meeting room system, you can search by room type, capacity and layout – and because results only show live availability, double bookings are eliminated.

          “This new technology has increased our productivity at DLA Piper. Rendezvous by NFS is simple to use, and once it was set up it was easy to book meetings.”

          Kevin Wertlieb
          Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper.

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          Desk Booking

          Given the move towards agile working, the agile room booking solution has also been designed to select and book available hot desks with ease.

          Using our intuitive mobile interface, staff can easily book their workspace from anywhere in the world using any mobile device. Alternatively, using our room panel and self-service kiosks they can quickly find and book an available space when they are in the office.

          The global utility had a big wish list including how they improved space utilisation and the easy allocation of hot desks. Rendezvous greatly improved space utilisation and drove down costs. Find out how they making savings of over $100,000 a year.

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          Scheduling Using Outlook

          Rendezvous Workspace room booking management system integrates seamlessly with Outlook to deliver a simple booking experience in a familiar environment. This greatly extends Outlook’s capabilities, allowing for effective outlook resource scheduling.

          The Outlook Add-in is easy to deploy and requires no training to use.

          Catering & AV Services

          Rendezvous Workspace room booking management system allows the scheduling of vended services including catering, AV, IT and video conferencing as part of the meeting room booking process.

          All resources can be property specific and inventory of limited items managed. Additional information such as notes and costs can be captured for each booking.

          Video Conferencing

          The Rendezvous room booking management system integrates with leading video conferencing platforms such as Cisco, Teams and Zoom. Full start and endpoint management is possible with the room booking management system integration.

          Multi-location and multi-time zone meetings are handled with ease. Integration between the room booking management system and Outlook ensures everyone is kept in the loop.

          Rendezvous’ integration with Cisco TMS Video Conferencing means meeting changes are immediately reflected in the VC solution, saving time and ensuring meetings are well executed.

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          Visitor Management

          The Rendezvous Visitor Management Module provides security and reception staff with visibility of all visitors and meeting attendees before they arrive at reception for improved security and visitor experience.

          The resource booking system information can be accessed only by authorised users, with all visitors categorised as internal, external or suppliers.

          “We have so many visitors but now it’s easy. All visitors are notified to Reception so there’s no time lost when they arrive. All their comings and goings are tracked, no matter how many meetings they attend. We know where everyone is.”

          Jacqui Wade,
          Facilities Coordinator, Fujitsu.

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          Wayfinding & Digital Signage

          With Rendezvous Workspace room booking management system you have a choice of meeting room screens and digital signage solutions from industry leading solutions like AMX by Harman to cost effective offerings such as the iPad, Windows or Android tablets.

          This choice provides the greatest flexibility for clients to select a digital meeting room booking system which meets all of their design, functionality and budgetary requirements.

          “During the first week in our new office space it was nice to see a scheduled meeting and what room it was in. It’s great for catering people because red light means stop – they know if the light is green they can enter to clean up.”

          Joe Anton,
          Software and Applications Manager, DLA Piper LLP.

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          Sensor Technology

          Accurate sensor technology works seamlessly with Rendezvous room and resource booking software to give you a clear view of how your office space is being used – at all times.

          Managing flexible space requires a new approach to room and desk availability information, for staff to easily find the right space.

          ”When staff walk into a room sensors turn equipment on and an instruction appears on the main screen alerting attendees how to project a laptop onto the screen wirelessly or physically plugged in. Equipment will automatically shut down when the meeting ends.”

          Kevin Wertlieb,
          Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper.

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          Rendezvous Mobile

          Workforce mobility is a feature of business life today. The Rendezvous QuickBook platform, built using the latest HTML5 technology, is designed to deliver on the resource booking requirements of staff on the move.

          The ability to find and book space from any mobile device, provides outstanding flexibility for the business user.

          “Staff can book and check for rooms available now and in the future without having to go back and forth. Everything is accessible on the iPad, with a very simple user interface.”

          Motaz Hassan,
          Applications Support Specialist, Hafez Avocats.

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          Management Reporting

          The need to understand how workspace is used and where greater efficiency can be realised has never been greater.

          Rendezvous Workspace meeting room and desk booking system incorporates Microsoft Reporting Services and as such delivers the most comprehensive set of reports available. Since the reports are as powerful as they are easy to generate, the task of analysing meeting room utilisation, resource usage and other key metrics is made simple.

          ”We can look at last month’s business and future bookings. We can get any information we need.”

          Jacqui Wade,
          Facilities Coordinator, Fujitsu

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          Meeting room booking software makes it easy for you to organise meetings,rooms and resources and book a room anywhere, even in different time zones or multiple locations.

          Meeting room booking software streamlines the process of organising meetings, booking rooms even in multiple locations and communicating the detailsand any changes automatically to everyone involved.

          Your room booking software should tackle these issues:
          • No shows and double-booked meetings
          • Tedious organisational admin
          • Wasted catering
          • Under-used spaces resulting in wasted space
          • Poor insight into how the office is being used
          • Difficulty sourcing vital equipment such as VC

          The key features of a meeting room booking software are:
          • Book rooms instantly via an app even in different time zones
          • Simplified booking process with automatic notifications
          • Book catering, parking and other services in the same transaction
          • Integration with wayfinding, digital signage, Outlook and Office 365 integration. Space utilisation reports for better decision-making

          Your meeting room booking software means:
          • Appropriate workspace can be found and booked quickly via an app
          • The notifications engine delivers automatically informs everyone of details and changes * Catering, equipment and parking can be booked at the same time
          • Set up and clean downtimes can be automatically applied

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