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Build the solid foundation that creates successful hybrid working. Rendezvous Workspace is the powerful platform you need.

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Flexible, strong and easy to deploy – Rendezvous does it all

When you need to manage your rooms or desks better, Rendezvous is the feature-rich one-stop shop to make hybrid working sing and dance for your organization.

You want more than mere functionality from your software – you need it to be the heart of a wider ecosystem that supports the perfect employee experience.

Driving success in the new hybrid workplace

Rendezvous helps you create an environment where staff are engaged, safe and ready to collaborate. It’s a unified, efficient and integrated approach that blows away the inefficiencies of struggling with multiple solutions.

Check out what Rendezvous delivers:

A great employee experience

Rendezvous is mobile-first, making it easy for on-the-go hybrid workers to book desks and rooms easily via an app.

Our floorplan-based booking makes it even simpler to select and book a suitable desk – and our new colleague search feature helps them find team members they need to work with.

Planning your day is easier, too – you know who you can meet face to face and who you need to meet on Zoom or Teams. Our integration with videoconferencing platforms and room bookings even simplifies this process.

A safer workplace

Staff wellness is key – they are your most valuable asset. With support from Rendezvous, you’ll create a welcoming and safe environment for workers and visitors alike.

Using a choice of sensor technology, desk panels and RFID/QR codes for desk check in/out you gain touch-free access that minimises health risks while also being effortlessly efficient.

Integration with visitor management software solutions ensures a safe flow of staff and visitors while special features such as extended times for cleaning desks and rooms ensure the utmost hygiene.

Watch this video to see how you can create a great visitor experience.

Maximised space utilisation

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – but our sensor-based technology removes all the inaccuracies and guesswork. All the figures you need on occupancy are available at the touch of a button and presented in easy-to-understand graphs.

We remove the uncertainty so you can make informed space planning decisions. Integrating the booking platform and sensors gives the best possible data set for making future decisions on reconfiguring and repurposing your space based on actual demand.

Watch video to see this in practice.

Optimum room occupancy

You can’t afford to have booked space standing empty – ‘ghost bookings’ and no-shows are costly and annoying.

It can be frustrating when clearly empty rooms and desks are unavailable for use, but Rendezvous sorts the issue once and for all. Rendezvous’ advanced business rules and intelligent booking engine auto-releases empty rooms or desks for whoever needs them.

Integration with room signage also ensures that staff can clearly see which rooms are free or occupied and can book them on the fly straight from the panel.

A professional hospitality experience

Create a great first impression for VIP staff and guests with effortless touch-free access and digital wayfinding. Catering orders and AV can also be easily added to room bookings to offer that hospitable and professional touch.

We also offer a unique online ordering service which enables staff to have food delivered straight to their desk.

Read our factsheet to find out more.

Tailored for your needs

With our open API development platform, you can put your existing workplace hardware to work to create a solution that truly meets your needs. At NFS, we are totally hardware agnostic and won’t lock you into a proprietary platform.

We work with all the leading digital signage, access control (we are Lenel-certified), desk panel and meeting room panel providers. As we are Microsoft Gold Certified partners, we will happily develop any custom integration you need.

With Rendezvous you can create a truly connected workplace.

See it in action

Check out the infographics below to visualise how the platform can work for you.

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Meeting room booking software makes it easy for you to organise meetings,rooms and resources and book a room anywhere, even in different time zones or multiple locations.

Meeting room booking software streamlines the process of organising meetings, booking rooms even in multiple locations and communicating the detailsand any changes automatically to everyone involved.

Your room booking software should tackle these issues:
• No shows and double-booked meetings
• Tedious organisational admin
• Wasted catering
• Under-used spaces resulting in wasted space
• Poor insight into how the office is being used
• Difficulty sourcing vital equipment such as VC

The key features of a meeting room booking software are:
• Book rooms instantly via an app even in different time zones
• Simplified booking process with automatic notifications
• Book catering, parking and other services in the same transaction
• Integration with wayfinding, digital signage, Outlook and Office 365 integration. Space utilisation reports for better decision-making

Your meeting room booking software means:
• Appropriate workspace can be found and booked quickly via an app
• The notifications engine delivers automatically informs everyone of details and changes * Catering, equipment and parking can be booked at the same time
• Set up and clean downtimes can be automatically applied

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