restaurant EPOS software

What is Aloha Restaurant EPOS Software?

Aloha is the best of breed restaurant epos software solution designed to assist restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurant groups with the smooth running of their operation. It encompasses everything from handheld order taking, cash handling and billing to advanced operations such as labour management, loyalty, fraud prevention, table management and stock control.

For larger operators, we offer a range of web-based enterprise solutions for consolidated estate-wide reporting, menu management, price changes, social media reputation management, targeted loyalty/marketing and stock control. With Aloha you can have all the business intelligence you need to manage your business from a web browser or smartphone.

Aloha restaurant EPOS software will deliver:

  • A robust solution which uses hand held and touchscreen technology designed to withstand the most demanding environments
  • Peace of mind – a unique feature means even if your IT network is down you can still take orders and processing transactions
  • Enterprise wide data and price changes at the touch of a button enabling you to take decisions and make group-wide updates dynamically
  • Fraud prevention which minimises staff theft and scams and boosts your operating margins
  • Handheld business intelligence offering the total package of operational/sales reporting and social media reputation management.

Table Service

In today’s dynamic and ever changing restaurant environment it is imperative that you have all the tools to deliver an exceptional guest experience. With so many “balls in the air” you need a solution that can take care of all the little details which will make your restaurant stand out.

Aloha Tableservice is robust enough to manage all aspects of customer service and billing. With its unique redundancy feature it has been designed to be practically indestructible so you need never have a crisis with your EPOS.

Quick Service

Our Quick Service solution has been specifically for today’s frenetic fast food environment. Easy to use, your servers can quickly select individual menu items and meal combos at the touch of a button.

Other restaurant reservation software features, such as automated upselling, kitchen video and loyalty will ensure that you have all the tools require to increase your revenue.

Hand Held Ordering

In the fast paced restaurant industry, one of the key differentiators is to be able to provide a swiftservice for your clientele. Our handheld solution securely take orders and make sure that the correct information is delivered to your bar and kitchen – every time.

Our robust handheld solution has been designed for the restaurant industry and it enables your staff to speed up service and table turns – enabling you to serve more customers and generate more revenue.

Build Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value

Like cash flow, building repeat business and increasing the lifetime value of your patrons is a cornerstone of a successful restaurant’s revenue.

With Aloha it is easy to build reward and loyalty programmes to make sure that you increase the share of your existing clientele and get a greater return on your initial marketing expenditure.

Aloha Enterprise for Head Office Management

Running a multi-site business means that you need to have the “all seeing eye” to keep track of key performance indicators such as sales, food and labour costs for each individual site. By necessity, it can be a long winded process.

With Aloha Enterprise you have all that individual data at your fingertips through a simple web interface. Sales analysis and forecasting can be done anywhere where there is an internet connection so operational decisions can be made rapidly.

Real-time Reporting

In the Palm of Your Hand Restaurateurs are increasingly looking for a solution which enables them to view their business at the exact moment they need it whether they are in the office or not. With Aloha Pulse it is possible to have a completely centralised solution all in the palm of your hand.

With Pulse you can simply look at your mobile device and see at a glance what your customer feedback is, get instant notifications, inventory information and social media mentions. With Pulse you can even communicate with and manage your staff remotely.

Aloha Labour Management

One of the toughest variable costs to control in any restaurant is that of labour. With Aloha bar management software you now have the capability to schedule your staff in an appropriate manner.

With Aloha Labour Scheduler you can accurately forecast your resource requirements and produce automated staff rotas.

Aloha Stock Control

Just as labour is a big ticket variable cost, so too is stock. You need to have the peace of mind thatyou are not, literally, throwing money away whilst, on the other hand, ensuring that you do not under order.

With Aloha you can keep a tight rein on your stock by tracking inventory and purchases. It will also enable you to predict future usage and cost

Restaurant Guard

Employee theft is one of the biggest drains on your bottom line. Fraud can also harm your reputation with your patrons.

Aloha Restaurant Guard is the real-time solution to stamping out fraud and ensuring that your customers have a safe environment where they can rest assured.

Guest Management

Two major frustrations for your guests is long waiting times to be seated and not knowing when they are going to be seated. With Aloha Guest Manager they no longer need to be frustrated.

Guest manager reduces empty tables, long wait times and reduces walk-outs as it gives accurate wait times.

Payment Solutions

Two of the biggest issues for any restaurateur is trying to maintain a steady cash flow and reducing non-payment. With Aloha’s Payment Solution you can rest assured that all your transactions will be processed quickly and securely.

The solution supports end to end transactions and integrates with all major credit card providers.

Hardware Solutions

We provide a one stop shop for all your hardware needs whether it is for a touchscreen, thermal receipt printer or a sophisticated kitchen video system.

All our solutions are sourced from leading hardware suppliers and we have an expert team of implementation staff to project manage the installation.