Workplace Transformation

Industry insiders Luis De Souza and Ray Pezzuti use real-life success stories to show how workplaces can flex to satisfy today’s hybrid workforce

Workspace Insights

Luis Desouza, CEO of NFS Technology, discusses the major shifts in the world of work and how technology will help to drive the hybrid working revolution.

Return to the Office

Luis Desouza, CEO of NFS Technology, discusses his insights about how mobile technology is enabling staff to return to work safely while being more productive than ever.

Workplace Change

In this video, Luis Desouza offers his insights into the key drivers in the workplace and the new technology toolkit which organisations need to navigate the new world of work.

Workplace Vision

Luis Desouza, outlines his vision for the connected workplace how data is vital for organisations who are seeking to drive change.

Your simple step by step guide to booking a desk with the Rendezvous mobile app

Agile staff memberJason shows just how easy it is to organise a day in the office with the help of the mobile desk and meeting room booking app

How to easily book a desk with our QuickBook solution

Discover how easy it is for agile worker Jason as he uses QuickBook to organise his day in the office and book the desk and meeting room he needs

Workplace Survey 2021 – supporting a workforce that’s more agile

Workplace leaders told our worldwide survey that agile working is growing – discover how technology supports efficient operations

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