Your simple step by step guide to booking a desk with the Rendezvous mobile app

Agile staff memberJason shows just how easy it is to organise a day in the office with the help of the mobile desk and meeting room booking app

How to easily book a desk with our QuickBook solution

Discover how easy it is for agile worker Jason as he uses QuickBook to organise his day in the office and book the desk and meeting room he needs

Workplace Survey 2021 – supporting a workforce that’s more agile

Workplace leaders told our worldwide survey that agile working is growing – discover how technology supports efficient operations

Why workplace leaders are changing the way they use workspace

Agile and remote working are making workplace leaders utilise space in many different ways. Discover what our survey showed

Rendezvous – Integrated with Dynamics CRM for effective sales and marketing

Watch to see a demonstration of how the integration optimizes sales and powers marketing

Workplace Survey 2021 asks: will workspace grow or shrink this year?

Agile working is here to stay – but what do workplace leaders think that will now do to their real estate footprint?

Survey 2021: Who’s leading change in workplaces around the world?

When it comes to workplace planning and decisions, who are the leaders around the world? Our survey reveals all

How to reduce your workspace but grow your team collaboration

Our workplace survey shows that many are reducing their office footprint while still wanting to grow collaboration for their team

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